What is loading effect

What is charging effect?

I came across this term many times while studying amplifiers. How does this effect affect an amplifier circuit (or any other circuit it plays a role in) and why is the input impedance kept as high as possible to negate it?


Charging refers to how your loop affects the connected device. For example, if you want to read a sensor with a large internal resistance Ro, every current drawn will generate an additional voltage error equal to io * Ro. Drawing as little current as possible will reduce the load on the sensor, which enables a more accurate reading.

If two transistors have been added, the 2nd transistor is in parallel with the load of the 1st transistor. The effective load resistance of the 1st transistor also decreases due to this effective gain. Thus, the 2nd stage charges the 1st stage, which is known as the charging effect

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