What are the fees for ALL 2018

Serafe instead of Billag - the fees from 2019

Serafe AG ​​in Fehraltorf will be the responsible collection point for the new household fee from January 1, 2019. Since it receives the data directly from the cantons and communes, it is no longer necessary to register and cancel.

Do you have any further questions? Register by or call 058 201 31 67.

On October 18, 2017, the Federal Council gave the go-ahead for the new device-independent radio and television fee. From January 1, 2019, this will replace the reception fee, which will be charged by Billag until the end of this year.

Serafe replaces Billag

In a public invitation to tender, the federal government handed over the mandate for the collection of the household tax to Serafe (Schweizerische Erhebungsstelle Radio Fernsehen) AG in Fehraltorf. Preparations at the new collection point are in full swing. Serafe will send the first invoice to all households in January 2019. She receives the addresses directly from the residents' registration office. The legal basis for this data delivery can be found in the Radio and Television Act (RTVG). Serafe has authority status, it is allowed to issue orders and operate defaulting customers.

Private or collective - every household is Serafe's customer

In principle, every private household pays the tax of 365 francs annually. It no longer matters whether radio, television, computer, tablet or mobile phone are available or used. The invoice is paid once a year; quarterly invoices are possible on request. All persons of legal age in a household are listed on the invoice. You are jointly and severally liable, i.e. every person whose name is on the invoice is responsible for paying the entire invoice, even if they move away after receiving the invoice and before one year has elapsed. The internal allocation of the invoice amount is a matter for the roommates and is based on the Code of Obligations.

What is new is that no one has to register or de-register at the collection agency. Registration and de-registration with the municipality is sufficient. Cantons or municipalities provide Serafe with updated data every month. The Serafe is based on the fact that the household is a person's main residence. In contrast to the current system, there is no separate fee to be paid for a second home or a holiday home, even if the holiday home is rented out.

In addition to private households, collective households also pay a tax. This amounts to 730 francs. Collective households include: retirement and nursing homes, residential and educational homes for children and young people, boarding schools and student residences, institutions for the disabled, hospitals, sanatoriums and similar institutions in the health sector, institutions for the execution of sentences and measures, collective accommodation for asylum seekers, monasteries and others Accommodation for religious associations. This final list is based on the Federal Act on Register Harmonization (RHG). Those who live in a collective household do not pay any tax themselves; it is sufficient that the institution in which the person lives pays the tax.

Requests for exemption only after receipt of the first invoice

Although in principle all households, regardless of whether they own a receiving device, are subject to the new fee, exceptions are provided. People who receive supplementary AHV / IV benefits can apply for an exemption. All you have to do is wait for the first invoice from Serafe AG ​​and follow the instructions listed there. The same applies to households that have no technical means of receiving radio or television programs. These households can apply to be exempted from the tax for five years. All the necessary information is contained in the Serafe letter and can be found in the FAQs on the new delivery system.

Separate solution for the company

Companies subject to VAT also pay the new fee, but only with an annual turnover of CHF 500,000. The Federal Tax Administration is responsible for the collection.

Billag concludes reception fee

Billag will send out invoices for radio and television reception fees for the period up to December 31, 2018 by the end of September 2018. Every person liable to pay a fee must pay their fees by the end of 2018. From October 2018 to September 2019, Billag will issue reminders of all invoices that have not yet been paid and, if necessary, operate the debtors. Open amounts are consistently requested on behalf of OFCOM. OFCOM will also complete pending appeal proceedings. Finally, from November 2018, it will take over the requests for fee exemption pending at Billag.