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Review portals: You should know these platforms

How do rating portals work?

The principle of Review portals is based on the simple idea that reviews of companies, services or individuals bundled and particularly checked and serious should be accessible to the user so that he can become a full picture from the provider, product etc. can do.

Reviews in corresponding portals are very important for companies, as they are often displayed high up in search engines during online research and thus the Online relevance of the company.

Bad customer ratings can therefore sometimes even harm companies. It is now one of the tasks of a company's marketing department to deal with customer opinions in review portals.

Known Review portals at a glance:

  • golocal
  • kununu
  • Trusted Shops
  • Amazon customer review
  • TripAdvisor
  • Yelp
  • Google My Business
  • glassdoor

The abundance of Review portals The Internet is huge, there are providers of all kinds of topics, products and services. The following selection therefore only presents a few well-known rating portals:

The is there to Service company to seek and evaluate. Whether roofers, caretakers, photographers or tax consultants - the most diverse industries are represented.

Companies can use the page chargeable and ask their customers to evaluate their service. For this they simply award up to five stars.


With golocal, too, users can give a service company up to five stars and one directly short text about your experience compose. Fitness studios as well as doctors and restaurants can be found in this evaluation portal.


kununu is a Evaluation portal, on which employees their Experience with employers of all industries. Potential new employees can report on their experiences in job interviews and current or former employees can report on their positive and negative impressions.

Trusted Shops

At Trusted Shops, customer safety comes first. The seal of approval means that a provider is trustworthy. The customer ratings including a star ranking are then also displayed on the Trusted Shops website.

A good rating in this rating portal is particularly useful for companies: Trusted Shops is official partner of Google, consequently the ratings will be displayed directly in the search results. A large number of trading companies are listed on Trusted Shops, from vacuum cleaner and clothing manufacturers to mobile phone providers.

Customer reviews on Amazon

With the functionality for customer reviews, Amazon was one of the pioneers in the field of customer reviews. The users can see the rating on the respective product page. In addition to the rating scale, it is also possible to add a text and photos to add to the rating.

Particularly interesting from the customer's point of view: the number of reviews is per category given in percent, for example 78% of customers gave five stars. That gives an even quicker overview.


The rating portal TripAdvisor combines customer opinions with personal ones Vacation and leisure experiences. Hotels, restaurants, entertainment programs, sights and means of transport such as airlines can be rated with the portal. Supplemented by own photosthat customers can upload, the reviews become more personal and authentic.

The companies, in turn, can access the Reply to review and so in interaction step with customers. However, caution is advised: companies should always react politely to the reviews of their customers.


The review portal Yelp, on which Catering establishments and other service providers can be found is one free Alternative for companies.

In addition to the star rating, customers can write a text about the company. In addition, the rated establishments can also access the Testimonials respond and submit an answer.

Google My Business

Reviews already exist for many entries on Google and Google Maps. Google is therefore no longer just a search engine, but with Google My Business has also grown into a rating portal.

Search results are represented by a algorithm filtered and after the customers relevance displayed in an orderly manner. That means a company is more likely to show up when it has reviews and Further information how images exist on google. It is also well received by customers when the companies have many reviews on Google: The company appears more influential when numerous customers have visited or used it.


The glassdoor portal contains reviews about companies from the point of view of their own employees in all industries. Registration is free for companies.

Employers can respond to the impressions given by employees. Through the resulting dialog applicants get a first impression of the Corporate and working atmosphere. There is also a on glassdoor Job search function and one Salary comparison.

How credible are rating portals?

It always happens that Review portals due to lack of credibility fell into disrepute. So how can you test a portal so as not to run the risk of making a bad buy due to a wrong rating or of wrongly trusting a company or employer? On the one hand, a Ask the portalshed light on how the reviews are put online. On the other hand, you shouldn't rely on a positive or negative review.

It's helpful that entireEvaluation history consider. If consistently positive experiences were reported before a bad rating, it may be due to an individual case or an intentionally wrong rating. The one that is also interesting reaction or. answer of the company on the negative rating - was remedy, goodwill, or replacement offered?

Will the experiences in Review portals on authenticity checked and always published all reviews?

It is generally worthwhile to always look at all reviews of a company. Do these sound like reports real customers, then the authenticity of the comments can be assumed. Testing the portal yourself can also be a solution: Simply write your own review and see whether it is published.

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