How can I get IEC

Instructions: Apply for the Canadian Working Holiday Visa

You will also receive your message within the next 24 hours to hand in your fingerprints in the VAC now. Please make an appointment as soon as possible (you only have 30 days for this!). Attention: because only AFTER you have submitted your fingerprints, your application will be processed further!

Are the fingerprints in the box? Then congratulations, you have now submitted your profile to the applicant pool :) But ATTENTION: This is also not yet the confirmation for your visa, but only information that your application has been received and is now in Pool is up for raffle. Unfortunately, that doesn't necessarily mean that your lot will ever be drawn!

Step 4

Wait for the draw!
Click the button here "Check status and messages" to see if you have already received an invitation (= drawn lot). Please come back to this point regularly to check your status.

From now on it's time to wait! There is nothing you can do other than check your status regularly.

If your application was successfully drawn from the many applicants in the Working Holiday Pool, you will unfortunately receive it no email, just a message in your mailbox "MyMessages". As soon as you have received an invitation, you have to accept it within 10 days. We therefore recommend checking this status at least once a week in order not to miss the deadline! This is annoying, but if you miss your deadline, everything has been in vain so far and your lot will have to be drawn again.