What are the characteristics of a religious person?

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Meaning of the word

The word "religion" comes from the Latin "religio", which can be translated, among other things, with "fear of God", "worship of God" or "holiness".

Believe in a higher power

Religious people believe in a power that is above them and to which they orient themselves. They believe in God or something divine. God or the divine are very different from the human world. For religious people, religion offers an opportunity to understand the world and to orientate oneself in life. People express their religious experience in worship and prayer, through meditation, singing, dancing and many other ceremonies. In many religions there are fixed rules, commandments and religious behaviors that people should follow.

Religious freedom

In Germany everyone can believe what they want. It says so in our Basic Law. And whoever has no faith can live without religion. No matter what a person decides to do, nobody should have advantages or disadvantages because of their religious convictions.

Approx. 23 million Catholic Christians
Around 21.14 million Protestant Christians.
About 4.25 million Muslims and Muslims
About 3 million members of other religions

(Number and proportion of the world population)
2.1 billion Christians; approx. 32%
1.5 billion Muslims and Muslims; approx. 23%
900 million Hindus; approx. 15%
376 million Buddhists; approx. 7%
14 million Jews; approx. 0.2%

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