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Fidelo School

Suitable for all types of language schools.
Our software offers almost all functions for a smooth and effective school management.

Fidelo School is a comprehensive, web-based management software.
We offer the most complete school management software solution, with more features than any of our competitors.
More than 1000 users in schools around the world help us to regularly improve our products and services.

Core module

All you need

The core module contains all the functions you need to manage your daily tasks.
All the necessary invoices and documents can be generated very easily. Thanks to tailor-made templates, these documents are available within seconds and without manual adjustments.

Inquiries and bookings are saved separately, so the most important details can be seen at a glance. With the help of various student lists, you can see all your current, arriving or departing students immediately.

Basic accounting and management options will help you track your students' booking and payment status and generate reports based on your business progress.

Class planning and attendance

Maximizes your happiness at work

Manage your classes in a fun way with our visual class planning. Both automated assignments for several weeks and individual assignments on a daily basis are possible. Teachers can be assigned to classes based on their availability and qualifications. Absences of your teachers and substitute teachers can be managed.

Customized overviews help you to be informed about all courses, students, classes and teachers at all times. Certificates for departing students can be generated at the same time in a matter of seconds.

Accommodation and insurance

The smartest way to manage your property and insurance

All of your different accommodation providers can be managed with just a few clicks. Different rooms, relocations and suitable criteria can be assigned. This ensures that the families and their students are happy with your referral!

All entries are divided between host families and other accommodations. This means that all bookings can be checked very easily and assigned to available providers. The available providers are automatically filtered according to your criteria. Accommodation assignments can thus be easily tracked and confirmed in large quantities.

Every type of insurance and every provider can be managed in the system. You always have the choice between different price options.


Book and plan activities for your students.

Advanced accounting

Software administrators love

Use several detailed lists to analyze your incoming and outgoing payments, income and provider payments. In several detailed lists, payments and amounts due are automatically broken down according to the services sold.

All salaries of your providers are calculated automatically based on your own billing terms and cost categories. All required payment receipts are generated automatically.

A really important and unique feature is a custom export for external accounting software like Quickbooks, legend or Datev.


You can not only manage payments from students and agencies and to teachers, accommodation providers and transfer providers in our software. Students can also use your bookings Paypal or Stripe by Credit card or use other means of payment to make a deposit directly in the registration form.

Comprehensive CRM

The ultimate, productive and time-saving software

Easily manage your agencies and synchronize them with an external CRM like Salesforce or Hubspot. All agencies can be grouped and listed according to your needs.

Multiple commissions and payment terms can be used to ensure your work is handled automatically.


You can fall back on extensive standard evaluations or you can create individual evaluations according to your wishes.

Student ID / webcam

Discover a better way of working

Give your students the perfect first impression by providing them with a personalized student ID at your reception desk!

The software allows the use of web cams so you can take photos directly for student ID cards. Pictures can be taken with one click and the ID cards are generated at the same time.

The connection to an ID card printer is possible via the print function.

Online connections / web integration

One web-based application for everything

Save valuable time and no longer enter incoming inquiries or bookings manually. Your own online forms can be generated in the software.

In a matter of seconds, these can be linked to your website / CMS by using our plugins for Wordpress, Joomla, Typo3 or Drupal use. All of the styling can of course be adapted to your website.

The following forms are possible:
- Registration form
- Inquiry form
- Contact form
- Placement test
- Feedback form
- price list

Online payment providers such as PayPal can also be connected.

Your personal mobile phone app

Follow the state of the art

Your students can easily download your school's own mobile app. All information about the booking is contained in it.

The app is directly linked to the software and you can decide how much information the student should see. Class lists, attendance information, personal and booking-relevant data as well as overnight data can be displayed in the app.

Download a trial version of the app by searching for "Fidelo" in the App Store or Google Play Store. The login name and password are "AppTest".

Teacher login

An intuitive and powerful user interface ensures that work gets done quickly

Your teachers can access the software directly to see their classes, students, and other academic data.

Class content, ratings, notes, and additional information can be entered daily or weekly.

Agency login

The answer to all your required processes

Our agency login can easily be integrated into your website. Agencies can see all booking and service-related details for their students.

Each agency receives its own login so that they can check their bookings directly on your website.

All students, services, payment details and documents are directly available.

Help desk / support

For more work enjoyment

Our comprehensive help desk includes more than 250 manuals and videos. You can search help articles by keyword or module, or just send us an inquiry.

You can view all your inquiries in the help desk. There the status of the submitted problem, a function request or a question is displayed directly.

We can also be reached by phone, chat directly in the software or by email.

For urgent cases outside of our business hours, we provide our 24/7 emergency form with which you can contact us at any time.


State-of-the-art content management system for your websites

Fidelo includes a CMS that allows you to include your entire website in our framework.


Never worry about the security of your data again

Each installation is installed on a server in your region. A backup of your entire database is saved on a different server every night. Multiple backups are made, ensuring that you will never lose data.

We offer two-factor authentication to ensure that nobody but you can log in with your data! Every access is logged and is protected by attack detection systems.

All installations are installed separately with separate databases. This ensures that only your company can access the data.

Each server is managed by our server administrator with various security measures based on the latest technologies. The servers are continuously monitored by a monitoring system.

We follow the rules of the European GDPR and the German BDSG.


Easily link your software with external products

We offer API's for various external products, so you can synchronize your data directly with the following products:

- Salesforce
- Hubspot
- Guided e-learning
- PayPal
- Flywire
- Moodle
- canvas

In addition, you can use individual JSON REST APIs to link Fidelo to any other product.


We import your existing data

Save yourself weeks of pointless manual data entry. We can import your current data into your new software.
The following information can be imported:

- Inquiry data
- booking data
- Services (courses, accommodation)
- Billing Details
- payment details
- Accommodation provider including details and rooms
- agencies
- Teachers

We have already imported data from other software products like Class, Easymate, SchoolWorks and custom applications based on FileMaker, Access, Excel, SQL and others.

  • All prices are shown excluding taxes.
  • Prices can be changed.
  • ** Use is included in the price, but there is a one-time fee for setting up the app.
  • *** Training hours are always provided per installation and not per user. Monthly training can only be used in the corresponding month and is not granted during the setup period, unused on-site training days expire after 12 months.

Request a demo

The inclusive training hours are calculated based on the customer's independent preparation for the training. We provide our customers with a complete PDF manual for the software. In addition, our support area contains manuals and training videos for each area of ​​the software. Before each training, the relevant passages are prepared by the customer and these passages and open questions are discussed during the training.

Of course, we also offer an additional service with which the entire training is administered by us. This eliminates the preparatory work by the customer. In this case, additional training hours are due.

Additional training packages can be purchased at any time at a reduced rate.

  • 10 hours of training - € 700 (€ 70 per hour)
  • 15 hours of training - € 975 (€ 65 per hour)
  • 20 hours of training - 1200 € (60 € per hour)
Purchased training hours must be used within one year.

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