Your landlord gives you Christmas presents

Matthias Strohbach is already done. Shortly before Christmas, the caretaker distributed around 170 fine bottles of Spanish olive oil to the tenants of the Thiedig property management throughout Görlitz, with a small tag with good wishes - just like every year. The idea comes from his boss Bernd Thiedig from Berlin, who renovated all the houses. "He discovered olive oil a long time ago on a vacation trip to Spain," says Strohbach. Because he liked it so much, he has ordered it every year since then and gives it to his tenants for Christmas. At Easter, on the other hand, he varies the gifts. “It's mostly sweets, this year, for example, there was something from Halloren,” reports Strohbach.

Every year something hangs on the door

Thiedig is not alone in the Görlitz / Niesky area with the idea of ​​giving tenants presents for Christmas. At the Görlitz landlord Frank Schacher, for example, there was gingerbread, Spekulatius and a card this year, reports one tenant: "Every year something hangs on the apartment door, this time it happened last Tuesday," reports the woman.

This year, the housing cooperative in Oberlausitz eG (WGO) distributed 1,300 wooden cutting boards to its tenants between Olbersdorf, Zittau, Löbau, Niesky, Rothenburg and Weißwasser. "We have something different every year - but always something that fits in the mailbox," says board member Harald Kaulich. At the beginning of December the cutting boards were distributed, combined with Christmas greetings. "We get feedback from tenants who are happy," says Kaulich. Some even write a card.

A mulled wine festival for all tenants

The non-profit housing association Niesky (GWG) is particularly generous. "We have been holding a mulled wine festival every year for all tenants in our courtyard for decades," says managing director Wilhelm Fischer. The GWG sets up a marquee every time. Bratwurst, mulled wine, cake and much more are available for free. This year, on December 12th, the invitation came through the tenant newspaper. “It was a coming and going, in total at least 250 to 300 people were there,” says Fischer. The elderly in particular would like to accept the social get-together. Of course, all tenants are not coming: GWG has 1,400 apartments of its own and also manages 300 third-party apartments, whose tenants are also invited to the mulled wine festival. But that's not all: “In the houses where there was a large construction site with noise and dust during the year, we put Santa Claus gifts in front of the door for the tenants the evening before,” says Fischer. The little present contains coffee and confectionery and is packed up by colleagues in the GWG office in Niesky. "We also thank long-standing tenants with gift baskets or dinner invitations for their loyalty," says Fischer.

TAG Wohnen, which has 690 rented apartments in Görlitz, is also thinking of its tenants for Christmas. “They have been receiving a chocolate advent calendar every year since 2013 - at the end of November so that they can open the first door in good time,” says Heike Baumgart from TAG Wohnen. There is also an advent calendar on the Internet where the 82,000 TAG tenants across Germany can win something every day. "We have over 1,300 participants every day," reports Heike Baumgart. At Easter, on the other hand, TAG donates to kindergartens and social projects.

Tenants can pick up an emergency can

The large Görlitz landlord Kommwohnen is not quite as generous. "We have thousands of tenants, that's not financially feasible," says spokeswoman Jenny Thümmler. But there was at least one little thing this year, for the first time in years: a voucher for an emergency box that tenants can pick up free of charge at the office. Such a can is used in acute medical emergencies and can save lives. At Wobag in Niesky, on the other hand, tenants go away empty-handed at Christmas. Instead, the company donates money to the Children's Cancer Aid. "It is used sensibly there," says board member André Müller. The money stays in the region: "There are so many social hot spots in Niesky where it is needed."

At property management companies like Heid + Partner in Görlitz, there are no Christmas presents for tenants, says Thomas Heid: "Landlords who are themselves owners sometimes give their tenants presents, but the managers never actually." Bernd Thiedig is exactly that kind of person Owner is. He and his caretaker also get a lot of thanks in return from the tenants. "I've known many of them for over 20 years," says Matthias Strohbach. He has a very good relationship with everyone. “One person bakes us a Stollen every year, but others sometimes give us something too,” he says. Some also thank Bernd Thiedig directly.

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