What keeps Tim Cook awake at night

Expert tip: That's why you should get up at 5 a.m.

Sleeping long is a luxury! But if you want to experience real luxury and be as successful as Tim Cook and Richard Branson, you have to stick to a certain creed, according to book author Robin Sharma. And that means: at five in the morning, sleep is over. Only then would you be able to get the highest level of productivity out of yourself. (Also Read: These 8 Things Make Successful People Different)

As successful as Tim Cook and Richard Branson: early risers have something ahead of late risers

Apple CEO Tim Cook, entrepreneur Richard Branson and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey - they all have two things in common: They are among the most successful people in the world and their alarm clock rings at five in the morning! With the latter, they meet the main criterion for the mantra of the Canadian writer and motivational coach Robin Sharma. Because he advises: "If you want to be among the five percent of the most successful people, you have to do things that only five percent do."

More time for other things like sports: Richard Branson is an avowed early bird.

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To most people, the idea of ​​dragging yourself out of bed at 5:00 a.m. every day sounds like torture. But according to Sharma's advisor "The 5 o'clock Club: Create your morning and everything will be possible in your life" (2019), this is the perfect exercise to regain your inner balance and make full use of it every day up to the last minute. Specifically, you would optimize many areas of your life with this tactic.

More self-control

The discipline that you display in the new morning routine helps you to respect yourself more. If you start the day with this strict rule, you will also be stricter with yourself in many other areas of life, says Sharma. In addition, no one can complain about not having enough time to complete all tasks in their free time and at work - including the gym.

More productivity

Sharma explains the latter in detail in his book: According to the author, the big secret of increasing productivity - besides getting up early - lies in an exact work schedule, the 60/10 technique. That means 60 minutes of intensive work, followed by a 10-minute break to have a coffee, answer messages on WhatsApp or make a call. Getting up early, combined with this method, means that you not only have more time for your work, but also for yourself. (Also interesting: Get rich - these 7 things make rich people different)

Allow yourself more rest

Many people find it difficult to create islands of calm in everyday life - let alone to orient their entire life towards decelerating. But if you wake up at five in the morning, in most cases you have at least three hours of absolute peace from the flood of emails and messages. This extra time can help rediscover the pleasure of doing what you want without being interrupted all the time. (Also Read: 8 Troubling Facts About Jeff Bezos And Amazon You Didn't Know Before)

And this is how the admission to the "5 o'clock club" works

Of course, it takes some effort to force yourself to get up at five in the morning. But the change doesn't have to happen overnight - it can take three to seven nights to get used to it. To do this, however, it is essential to move the "go to bed time" forward and not to go to sleep later than 10 p.m. (Also interesting: Netflix CEO Reed Hastings followed this one rule - and thus became a billionaire)