What can I do better?

7 things I do for myself every week (that make my life so much better)

The motto for February suddenly struck me a few days ago. I find it really exciting how these little words attack me. Completely surprising. Almost like friends you haven't seen for a long time and with whom you have an appointment. Suddenly someone covers your eyes with a laugh and you happily embrace each other. Just like that.

My February is under the star of growth.

>> You can find all monthly mottos here! <<

For me, growth has a lot to do with becoming the person I want to be. Respect for my own needs plays a major role for me here.

For some time now, I've been trying to incorporate a little ritual into my everyday life for every day of the week.


With these 7 weekly rituals you will make your life better

Of course I don't have ritual A for Monday and ritual F for Saturday, but doing something once a day that ultimately turns your life for the better can't hurt either!


# 1 declutter

I try to part with one thing every week. It can be a book, an idea (which I absolutely wanted to implement now and immediately but then didn't do) or just something as banal as a pair of socks, one of which is already badly worn out.

With this ritual you become lighter every week and annually separate yourself from 52 things that have previously complained to you - and sometimes without you even noticing.


Book tip: In my book Make Your Life Easier: This is how you throw off your external and internal ballast in 23 days you will find many, many tips for clearing out your life!

Even more articles on the topic:


# 2 air out

I try to take a long walk at least once a week. I know, I know, this is far too rare, but I'll keep it there with Loriot. A walk without a dog is possible, but pointless.

Exercising in the fresh air is absolutely the best thing you can do for yourself. In this way you supply your organs with oxygen, you become less easily tired and have significantly more energy. In addition, nowhere is there so much to think about as when you go for a walk!

It wasn't until the weekend that the man and I got together to do a little lap in the afternoon and when we got home he had a solution to the problem he was previously desperate about and I was overflowing with ideas for one of my projects (again cough cough). Use this for you!



# 3 creativity muscle training

My absolute favorite ritual, believe me! At least once a week I sit down with my very favorite creative book and indulge in an intensive brain workout during which I write down all the ideas that haunt my head. Business ideas, things that I've always wanted to do or still want to do ...

{My creative book is actually a completely normal Moleskine (currently in beige - LOVE) and I've just discovered a similar one with a cork cover - waaah so beautiful! Speaking of which, is anyone else addicted to notebooks? Are we starting a club?}

Um, where have I been?

This brain training has 3 advantages. On the one hand, it keeps your creativity muscle fit - because like all muscles, the more you train them, the more powerful they become. You clear your head and you also have a comprehensive overview of ideas that won't let you go.

Do you notice that some ideas keep popping up? Can you quickly test them for their suitability or otherwise implement them for you? Do it, dare!

Three ingenious books to help you with these tests:


# 4 Me-time

Right now I spend a lot of time with myself and driving my business forward. I only allow myself a lot of relaxation when I read and at the moment these are almost exclusively thematically related books. I probably don't have to tell you that this is not optimal.

Because it is really essential that you really put yourself first at least once a week and only do what you want and what you feel like doing.

If it is only 20 minutes, let it be 20 minutes in which you are not working, not there for others, not tidying up, not in social networks, but only with yourself.


# 5 (Back) giving

As much as I enjoy doing something for myself, I also love giving something.

That's why I look every week (but mostly it's like the monthly mottos and it finds me first!) Where I can give something (back), motivation, knowledge, inspiration or money ...

These situations have many faces: A reader contacted me with a question and a great conversation developed, a friend with vague ideas for a side business that needs a motivation boost or a small contribution for a charitable or crowdfunding project.

Already in the Bible it says:

Give, and it will be given to you. A full, pressed, shaken and overflowing measure will be placed in your lap; because with the measure with which you measure you will be measured again.
Luke 6:38

I'm not saying that you should inevitably listen to the Bible, but this verse is really, really good!

If you feel a lack, if you are afraid, if you feel like everything sucks and too little and too much at the same time, then start giving without expecting anything in return. It won't come back to you right away, but that it will stand at your door and knock at some point, that's for sure.

Edit: Less than 4 weeks later I'm fully booked and have 3 new customers and 2 projects that will hopefully work! So it works!

If you want even more input, you will find him (and me) also live on abundance.


# 6 Get in touch

Lately I've been messing around with my soup so much that I've lost sight of my fellow human beings.

I think that's terrible and for my growth month I have decided to contact a lot of people who are close to my heart, some of whom have been waiting far too long for a sign from me.

(Yes, I mean exactly you, for example, I know you read along here and I think about you a lot. I haven't forgotten you!)

Making contact with a loved one can be very easy and also very difficult. Even if you haven't contacted us for a long time, have far too much on your mind or couldn't: Dare. The right people still like you just the same even after a few weeks or months.

If you are better in contact than I am at the moment, reach out to someone new. This can be a colleague you like very much, but with whom you haven't spoken in detail, or an old acquaintance whom you haven't seen in years, but with whom you are interested in how he's doing, or simply a nice smile for someone Neighbor.


# 7 nap

Here it almost always comes down to Saturday and / or Sunday for me because I've been working every day for the last few weeks. Even if, in case of doubt, I would rather choose point 2 than a nap, I still enjoy lying in bed for a while at noon and dozing or sleeping.

If you use your afternoon nap like a short battery charge and not as a replacement for or continuation of your night's sleep, you can only benefit here. Treat yourself to that and get back all the naps that you didn't want to take as a child!

You can also find more facts about nap time here!

And now I'm very curious about your rituals. What do you do regularly that makes your life better?