Assigned sexual orientation at birth

Gender diversity

To stand by one's gender identity and to present oneself externally as the gender or as the gender that one feels inside often takes courage. You may even run into a lack of understanding, for example when you change your clothes or hairstyle to match your perceived gender. However, such a step is often very liberating. And now there are many ways to adapt the appearance, demeanor and body - from name changes to gender reassignment operations.

All genders are required when it comes to protection

In the love life of many people, genders play a role. For example, one feels attracted to certain genders or behaves in a certain way towards other genders. And even when things get more intimate, gender often has a meaning - and not only when it comes to physical "equipment".

With all of this, however, one shouldn't forget that there is no right or wrong when it comes to sexuality. How to flirt, how to get closer and also how to enjoy sex with each other is not determined by gender. It just depends on what you and the other person want. So don't worry about whether you're behaving according to your gender and what might be expected of you.

Regardless of your gender, protection against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections () is important during sex. And it's best to talk to each other beforehand. This is how you get to know each other better and create trust. And you can certainly enjoy sex more if you don't have to worry about a possible infection.