Why do I smell like bread

Why does my bread smell like vinegar?

Vinegar is acetic acid. It is made when yeast eat starch and produce alcohol, which is then consumed by Acetobacter bacteria to make acetic acid.

I have a hard time imagining bread that smells strongly of vinegar, but all the ingredients are there. The bread was fermented with yeast and contained alcohol before it was baked. If the bread was under-baked and took in the right bacteria, it could be traces of vinegar.

Other possibilities are that the bread will pick up a normal sourdough-like bacterium and just smell sour, without having real acetic acid.
For each of these options, the bread must be under-baked or very moist.

Anything beyond that would be a guess.
Maybe the bread was baked with vinegar in it?


The bread is very damp. It seems almost wetter now than it was two days ago when I last used it, although this may just be a memory bug.


In terms of moisture, I've let the same thing happen a couple of times. Every time bread was bought in the store that had become drier after a few days, it would change and get quite damp. I never really tried to figure it out, but it didn't smell like vinegar, it just smelled a little like yeast.


I've seen some breads use vinegar as an ingredient - as a "preservative".


When I leave the bread I bought in my kitchen in the summer, the floor gets wet. I left a piece off a bit longer to see what had happened, and it didn't start to rot too long afterwards. Not bread mold, but real (bacterial?) Rot with a smell similar to rotting vegetables.