How can I learn drone programming

Learn to program with a drone

Fun through quick success

Anyone who has programming knowledge is well equipped for the future. Children can playfully acquire this knowledge with the Parrot “Mambo” drone.

Learning for the future

Elementary school students can already learn the basics of programming. With the “Parrot Mambo” this is also possible in a playful way. The easily controllable drone reacts to commands from various applications that are intended to introduce children to programming software. Mathematical, logical and spatial thinking is required from the young “coders”.

This is how coding works

In order to teach the drones how to fly, special software such as "Swift Playgrounds" or "Tynker" is required. With the latter, the young programmers move blocks on the tablet display and in this way pass on their commands to the aircraft. As the learning progresses, the examples become more and more complex and demanding.

For the whole family

But not only children benefit from the playful introduction to the world of programming. Even adults who have not yet come into contact with the topic can acquire exciting and useful knowledge - together with their inquisitive offspring.

Please note: Before taking off, you should make extensive inquiries as to whether drone flights are permitted in the desired area. You can find out everything you need to know at Austro Control, the ÖAMTC and the “Drone Info” app (for iOS and Android).