Does Gears 5 have a campaign

Gears 5 - How Far Am I? All chapters at a glance

The campaign with and around Kait and the Delta team is divided into several acts and chapters.

Anyone who has ever played a Gears of War part knows that the campaigns of the games are divided into several acts with different chapters. This is no different in Gears 5, even if the game takes a slightly more open approach in the middle. Below you will find an overview of all acts and chapters.

All Acts & Chapters of Gears 5

Act 1

  • Chapter 1: Blind Shot
  • Chapter 2: Diplomacy
  • Chapter 3: This is how war works
  • Chapter 4: The Tide Turns

Act 2

  • Chapter 1: Recruitment Offensive
  • Chapter 2: Into the Wild
  • Chapter 3: No forest, just a lot of trees
  • Chapter 4: The Source of All Evil
  • Chapter 5: Dirty Secrets

Act 3

  • Chapter 1: Fighting spirit required
  • Chapter 2: Missile Plan
  • Chapter 3: Assembly Required
  • Chapter 4: One Small Step

Act 4

  • Chapter 1: Home Front
  • Chapter 2: The Decline

Playtime of Gears 5

The Gears 5 campaign is one of the longest in the series and also beats Gears of War 4 in terms of playing time. For the first round you can roughly 10 to 12 hours plan, depending on how extensively you are looking for components or collectibles on the way or whether and how many of the secondary missions you are doing.

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The Gears 5 campaign in the GamePro test

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