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Harry left England : On the way to a new life

According to British media, Prince Harry has flown back to Canada to visit his small family. He landed with a British Airways plane at Vancouver airport, as reported by the Daily Mail newspaper on Tuesday. He then flew in a smaller plane to Vancouver Island, where Duchess Meghan and the eight-month-old Archie are staying.

The "Sun" and other papers published photos and videos showing Meghan laughing and walking with Archie and her two dogs on Vancouver Island. Harry too - in jeans and a hat - smiled when he arrived in Canada. Vancouver Island lies off the Pacific coast and has a relatively mild climate.

Withdrawal from the royal family also has its downsides

Previously, the British Prince Harry had been sad about his withdrawal from his role in the royal family. "When Meghan and I got married, we were excited, hopeful and we wanted to do something meaningful," Harry said in a video he posted on Instagram. There is a speech that Harry gave to employees of the aid organization Sentebale. He added, "That's why I am sad that it has come to this."

Initially, he emphasized how important it was to him that the world learn the truth - from him. “I can only imagine what you may have heard or read in the past few weeks,” he said. “I want you to hear the truth - as much as I can share about it - from me. Not from me as a prince or duke, but from me as Harry. The same person many of you have seen growing up over the past 35 years. But with a clearer perspective. "

It was only on Saturday that the royal family announced that Harry and Meghan would renounce their title "Royal Highness" from spring and that they would no longer take on any official duties for the Queen. The couple had previously announced that they would partially withdraw and stand financially on their own two feet and want to temporarily live in North America in the future.

Before deciding to partially withdraw, Harry and Meghan took a six-week break in Canada and spent Christmas there. Meghan had worked successfully as an actress ("Suits") in Toronto for several years and is well connected to film and political circles there. She is currently in Canada with eight-month-old son Archie.

The two had imagined the whole thing differently, as Harry now explained. They would not have made a frivolous decision to step down from their role. "But there was no other option." Specifically, Harry spoke of a "decision that I made for my wife and myself." After Harry and Meghan announced their withdrawal, critics accused the Duchess of Sussex of driving a wedge between Harry and his family.

Harry also touched on the media, which had "tremendous power". Among other things, he said of Meghan that she was still the same woman he once fell in love with.

Harry wanted to keep serving the Queen

Harry made it clear that he was particularly pained by the loss of his military titles and patronage, which he had earned through his two-time service as a soldier in Afghanistan. In an address to supporters of his aid organization for young people with HIV in Africa, he said that the decision to withdraw from royal duties was "not made lightly". It fell after months of discussions and years of “challenges”.

His hope was that after the waiver of public funds he would be able to continue "serving the Queen, the Commonwealth and my military associations". But this was not possible.

Harry says he is "incredibly grateful" to the Queen

“I accepted that knowing that it wouldn't change who I am or how determined I am.” He left everything he knew behind in the hope of a more peaceful life. But he has the greatest respect for his grandmother, the Queen.

At the same time, the 35-year-old expressed his “highest respect” for Queen Elizabeth II. He was “incredibly grateful” to her and the rest of the family for the support they had given him and Meghan over the past few months.

On Monday last week, Harry and Meghan announced a crisis summit for the British royal family at the Sandringham estate. Queen Elizabeth II then stated that she “fully” supports the couple's desire to “build a new life as a young family”. However, she referred to the need to clarify “complex” questions.

Then on Saturday Buckingham Palace declared itself. After consultations in the royal family, there was an agreement: Accordingly, Harry and Meghan will no longer take on any official duties for the royal family, not even for the military. Harry will no longer be seen in uniform in the future. And there will be no more financial contributions for royal tasks. The changes are expected to take effect in the spring.

The couple also want to repay the money for the 2.4 million pounds (equivalent to around 2.8 million euros) renovation of their residence in Windsor, Frogmore Cottage. The property on the grounds of Windsor Castle will continue to be their home in Great Britain.

Harry's father, Prince Charles, apparently doesn't want to stop at moral support. According to a report in the Daily Telegraph on Monday, the heir to the throne plans to regularly inject money into his younger son, at least for the time being.

However, Harry and Meghan probably do not need this: The prince is said to have inherited a huge fortune from his late mother Diana, Meghan earned millions as an actress before marrying into the British royal family. In addition, experts assume that the couple can easily convert their celebrities into money in the future-

Further texts on the Megxit:

Harry and Meghan had announced that they would split their time between the United Kingdom and North America in the future. You must have meant Canada above all. There the two took a six-week break with their son Archie, who was born in May, over Christmas and the New Year.
In the message from Saturday, Queen Elizabeth II (93), Harry's grandmother, expressly paid tribute to the two. "Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be very beloved members of my family," said the Queen.

She acknowledged the difficulties the two had faced over the past two years due to public awareness. She supports their desire for a more independent life and is "particularly proud of how Meghan has become a member of the family so quickly". The whole family hopes that the decision will enable them to have a “happy and peaceful new life”.

The title was withdrawn from mother Diana

Harry's mother Diana was also deprived of the title of "Royal Highness" after her divorce from Prince Charles (71).

She was killed in a car accident in Paris 23 years ago. Harry then had difficult phases as a teenager and was considered a rebel, who was nevertheless popular with the British.

Only years later did he admit in interviews that he had psychological problems. Harry is considered sensitive and is now working with his brother William, among other things, for mentally ill people.

In Great Britain, Harry and Meghan's withdrawal brings back memories of a scandal in the 1930s: The American Wallis Simpson - twice divorced and not aristocratic - was King Edward VIII's great love at the time.

Government and church, however, were strictly against this relationship. In 1936, after less than a year, the king abdicated so that he could marry Simpson. He has been derided by some as their "lap dog".

The couple lived alternately in France and the United States. The ex-king's brother followed on the throne: George VI, the father of Queen Elizabeth II (dpa, AFP)

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