What are some long lasting hair extensions

Well-groomed, long-lasting shiny hair extensions

With a hair extension you give your hair Fullness and length. Various forms of extension are available for this purpose, for example Clip ins, Tape in and Keratin bondings, optionally made of real or synthetic hair. In principle, you can care for and treat your extensions in the same way as your own hair if it is long. But so that the long strands do not lose their radiant shine, the following care tips should be observed. For long hair, your own hair such as hair extensions, special requirements apply, otherwise the tips will be dry, brittle and split.

Chlorine and sea water and other stresses during sport and leisure

The Keratin bond adhesive consists to a large extent of the hair's own substance keratin, which is not water-soluble. However, you should wash your hair briefly with clear water after swimming to prevent this salt Does not remove moisture from the hair when it dries and makes it porous. After a visit to the pool or the swimming pool at home, you should definitely wash your hair thoroughly Chlorine residues remove from the hair. If you prefer to go to the solarium for sunbathing instead of going to the beach, it is best to cover your hair with a towel and pamper it with one after the tanning session nourishing cure.

Wash hair extensions

Shampoo and conditioner must be adapted to the special needs of hair extensions or particularly long hair. Alcohol or silicone are an absolute taboo. After washing, gently squeeze the hair instead of quickly rubbing it dry with the towel. Sort the strands while they are still wet with a special Extension brush while avoiding tugging, pulling and tearing. Also a Fluid to protect against dry tips is recommended. This is applied to the tips before brushing and makes it easier to comb. When blow-drying, first dry the hair base and then the modulating areas. Only at the very end do you blow-dry the lengths and ends.

Smooth, curly and colored styles with extensions

To straighten the extension strands, we recommend that you use a high-quality straightening iron and take care not to get too close to the extension connections. Also should always be a Heat protection be applied. You can also use this method to create curly looks with a round brush or curling iron. You can even make your hair extensions permanent, but in this case the extensions should not be selected in the lightest shades. Use suitable mousse, hairsprays and gels. If you cannot use products recommended by the hairdresser, make sure that they do not contain alcohol. Hair extensions can be special color well, they get a pleasant, healthy shine. Even bleaching your hair can be done with the help of a hairdresser. It may be useful to bleach a test strand beforehand. So-called Streaks of flow bring exciting color accents into the hair through gentle color gradients. They are pre-colored and do not stress the hair, so that damaged hair can regenerate.

General care tips

Visit your hairdresser regularly for checks. At the Cleaning cut the hairdresser cuts off unusual hair that has got caught in the bond and sorts the strands. You can help with the care yourself by running your fingers through the hair in between and sorting the strands. With these simple tips you can enjoy the radiant shine of your extensions for a long time without having to forego any fun or styling ideas.

Photo: © Subbotina Anna