What are the different types of electrolytes

Battery electrolytes

Batteriescan store electrical energy and release it again when required. With batteries, the energy can be stored for a few months, sometimes even years (in contrast to supercapacitors).

Electrochemical processes take place in batteries that are of fundamental importance for storing and releasing electrical energy (charging and discharging processes). Electrolytes are required to transport the electrical charges between the electrodes.

Ionic liquids due to their outstanding properties, such as ahigh electrochemical stability against reduction and oxidation processes, i.e. the presence of onewide electrochemical window, and yourselectrical conductivity, interestingSpecial electrolytes for a range of batteriesthatelectrochemical windows (the measure of the stability towards electrochemical reduction and oxidation processes) of the most stable compounds is above 6 V.electrical conductivity in some cases up to 27 mS / cm (at 25 ° C) for pure substances, in mixtures with organic solvents even over 70 mS / cm.

There is no uniform state of the art for the numerous types of batteries, as many manufacturers are each represented on the market with their own specific developments. This means that, for example, depending on the electrode materials used, very specific requirements must be met for the electrolyte. That herestill a great need for development exists, was shown not least by the problems recently encountered by the PC manufacturer Dell with the lithium-ion batteries manufactured by Sony, which in some cases caught fire when overheated.

IOLITEC is currently working on theDevelopment of special electrolytes for use in different types of batteries, e.g. lithium-ion, metal-air and redox batterieswhich are based on ionic liquids and are provided with certain additives to improve the performance characteristics.

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