How can you hit

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What actions an attacked person may actually take is anchored in Section 3 of the Criminal Code (StGB). Section 3 (1) StGB reads:

(1) Anyone who only avails himself of the defense that is necessary to ward off a current or imminent illegal attack on life, health, physical integrity, freedom or property of himself or of another is not acting unlawfully. The act is not justified, however, if it is obvious that the attacked person is only threatened with a minor disadvantage and the defense is inadequate, in particular because of the severity of the impairment of the attacker necessary for defense.

As a victim, you do not have an unrestricted right of defense !!!

You are allowed to do not defend yourself with a more dangerous attackthan the one you were attacked with yourself. For example, if someone grabs you by the wrist, you shouldn't hit the other person in the face.

The The attack must still be in progress (e.g. the attacker is already stabbing with the knife) or threaten immediately (e.g. the attacker first threatened with words and now pulls his knife). If someone slaps you in the face and runs away, it is NOT self-defense and you must not run after them to return a slap.

It must be an attack on one self-defense legal interest act. These include Life, health, physical integrity, freedom or capital. Self-defense against an attack against honor is therefore NOT allowed.