Who is Instagram's biggest competitor

Vero app: the new Instagram?

Everything about the new social media hype

It hit like a bomb yesterday. Admittedly, I've been waiting for a new social media hype for a long time after musical.ly completely passed me by. I've been waiting for an app that will bring a little more buzz to the social media industry again. This is exactly what happened yesterday when Patrick suddenly told me that he had discovered something new in some Instagram stories. A new app. The Vero app.So we downloaded the app straight away to see what this new hype actually is. The Vero app is now being traded as the new Instagram and seen as the photo app's biggest competitor. As I said, Patrick and I have only been using the app since yesterday(feel free to connect @Fashiioncarpet and @Patrickkahlo) and I'm pretty excited so far. Therefore mI want to share all the important information and features of the app with you today. Here we go:

Content & Feed

As already indicated above, the Vero app is a social media app that, at first glance, is very reminiscent of Instagram. But only at first glance. Visually, the Vero app comes in much more elegant, dark colors (black, gray, turquoise) and thus sets itself apart visually from the white Instagram app. After you have created an account (must be confirmed with an SMS code), you can start right away. The biggest advantage of the Vero app, in my opinion, is that you cancan share a wide variety of content. While everything on Instagram is limited to images and videos / GIFS, Vero offers a variety of different content publications.In addition to the classic pictures and videos, you can nalso music, Films, BShare books, places and LINKS (!).The sharing of targeted links, which are then displayed as a post directly in the feed and only have to be clicked, is for me personally the greatest added value of the Vero app.

In addition, the Vero app all posts chronologically by time or publication date is displayed. In contrast to Instagram, a “fair” and comprehensible display of content takes place here. Conversely, this meansthat the algorithm in the Vero app is currently not too bigplays a role and the app therefore has a huge advantage or greater incentive for content publications. At least that's how it is for me ...

And what would social media apps be without filters? Right, only half perfect somehow. Therefore there is also the possibility in the Vero appEdit, crop or filter images.

Interaction & Integration

Of course there is also one in the Vero appSearch function. Here you can specifically go afterChats with certain people (something like the direct messages on Instagram), by hashtags, profiles or people search. We already know all of this from Instagram and is therefore nothing new. And yet there is something special!You can not only follow accounts normally in the Vero app, but they tooplace in different categories. Normal following is basically the first and general level. If you like it a little more personal, you can save accounts in certain groups. Here you have the choice between “acquaintances”, “friends” and “best friends”. The reason for this subdivision is that you can decide for each individual posting which of the groups the post is visible to.So it is mIt is possible to have both a professional and a private account at the same time. Mega practical!

The own profile in the Vero app offersPlace ffor a Profile picture and a persual text with a maximum of 150 characters. Here you can get one on topIntegrate website link asan email address deposit or similar. The best? As soon as you provide a URL with .com in the Vero app's own bio field and write out the email address with @, a link is automatically placed behind it, so that everything can be clicked super easy. For me, one of the biggest shortcomings on Instagram so far, as the operators have strictly resisted integrating clickable links (except for the one in the bio) into the app for years.

The Vero app is currently still free, however, with increasing awareness and community growth, it will eventually become chargeable. Allegedly only the first 1 million users can download the app for free. So be quick;)

I have already explained some of the differences to you above. One of the most important differences at the moment, besides the “nonexistent” algorithm, is the lack of advertising for companies and brands in my feed. Admittedly, given the current status of the app, that's not really surprising. However, there are voices who say that advertising should not find a proper place in the Vero app in the future either. Allegedly, everything should work via affiliate links, which should play money into the developers' cash register through shared recommendations. Remains to be seen …

  • Unfortunately, the Vero app loads very slowly, sometimes gets extremely stuck and has server problems when logging in (something should definitely be done here!)
  • Usernames can be assigned twice (I personally don't think that's so good and would find it better if you handle it like on Instagram)
  • the number of users is still relatively low, so that it is difficult to find new and interesting content and users (but this problem is likely to vanish as awareness increases)
  • The terms and conditions currently offer a big sticking point: allegedly, after posting, image rights are transferred to Vero. A look into the details makes sense here!

How the Vero app will develop in the future is of course still in the stars. For my part, I will definitely give the app a chance and would like a lot of people to do the same. The app is currently doing a lot really well and, especially for content creators like Patrick and me, comes with some great tools that make it easier and better for us to distribute our content. If the creators of the Vero app get the speed and the server weaknesses under control, maybe take up one or the other feature like “Stories” here and there and dare to compete against the app giant Instagram, then I think the app has potential Has. And you? Do you already know the Vero app and if so, how do you like it?