Which Pokemon is Better Scyther or Scizor

Strategies for dealing with Gen2


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Dear people

sooner or later it will be time anyway that Gen2 is launched .... vrmtl. It will still be this year and therefore earlier than we all expected.
I think Gen2 will turn our Pokeworld upside down a little bit and there will be new, strong Pokemon that ALL have to fight for anew and therefore offer players well below level 33 opportunities in arenas again.

The new Pokemon may quickly beat or displace old arena top dogs like Dragoran, Snorlax and Lapras ...
What kind of ideas do you have and what do you think will be the upheavals that might come?
At which points are particularly interesting changes taking place according to the rock-scissors-paper principle?
Who knows the "new" Pokemon well and can already say something about them?
What can you do now to prepare well for it?

My spontaneous idea is to have candies ready for future developments.
Zubat sweets, for example, will be in abundance anyway ...

The following Pokemon, which I picked out, are interesting because you can already collect candy for them.
If you are prepared for it, you will be able to develop it directly at the launch and thus have a certain advantage for a certain period of time.

Based on the following list, it is easy to see that Scyther could be one of the most interesting Gen2 Pokemon, for which you can already collect candy.
He has a good mix of Att / Def & WP.

1. Potentially interesting advancements to existing Pokemon

Note: as can be seen from the discussion below in the thread, it seems that you can't expect miracles from any Pokemon for which you can already collect candy, as long as Niantic orients itself closely to the distribution of forces in the original game.

However, it can't hurt if you're still prepared ... on the one hand, you're still faster than the crowd on launch day.
On the other hand, Niantic could surprise and deviate from the original game in a single case.

Onix + 50 candies = Steelix

Scyther + 50 C = Scizor

Chansey + 50 C = Blissey

Porygon + 50 C = Porygon2

Here is a ranking according to max CP, so that you can roughly classify where Scyther will be later.
It is in the TOP10 and therefore makes sense to collect sweets now, even if you have to run a darn 5km for it.
If I had already known that on Halloween, I would have collected it rather than Dragoran.

You will mostly find Legendaries and Tyranitar, who is shaping up to be stronger than Dragonite.
Pokemon MaxCP Att Def Sta

2. Pokemon retention on MAX

Goes i.d. Shop and expand your poke storage drastically.
When Gen2 is launched, it will be too late and you will otherwise feel a strong desire to invest real money in it.

Whatever your style of play, I think it's a good recommendation to just upgrade to the current maximum possible amount of 1000.
It already makes sense for comfortable and fast farms alone.

We currently have exactly 151 Pokemon and with Gen2 104 more will be added, so that there will be a total of 255: there has to be room for them!
In other words, if you only have one of each "model" in the memory, 255 places are already occupied!
I hope Niantic will expand the maximum upwards in the future.

3. Save coins

If you don't have a coin cushion yet, reduce your spending on "consumer goods" and let yourself grow a coin cushion.