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It's hard to survive in the modern world without a logo. As recently as yesterday it seemed like a foolish whim not worthy of serious people's attention, but things have changed. In the past, a logo was only available in writing, but now visual symbols are a common sight. And we're not just talking about serious business here. Logos are developed for schools, universities, cities, countries and anything that can carry a logo these days. If we look at the cybersport teams we will see that they are nothing without a proper picture.

Not only the color combinations but also the symbols themselves are important so that your team cannot be overlooked. A label is not just a funny picture. It is actually placed near the team name in the leaderboard. It is a label that is put on a souvenir production that you want to trade. The logo is also vital as it shapes your image in the minds of your fans. Plus, you don't have to spend millions to create a brand. You can always assemble your team, design an icon, draw it with an online logo maker, and download it. Today we tell you which design ideas and templates will best suit the players.

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It's the first idea to consider when you start designing your logo. ESports players play as fantastic characters on virtual battlefields. And every player associates himself with some character. The most difficult task is not to start a fight with each other, because everyone would like to have their favorite character as a logo.

This template category is extremely extensive. In most cases, however, it is a warrior. And it could be any warrior from any era, such as pirates, ninjas, Vikings or Indians. A representation of a fighter as your logo is sure to tell your enemies that it is not a bucket that you are going to kick. Another figure that fits in here is a skeleton. A skull always gives a sense of danger, especially when it looks cool. Plus, every warrior we mentioned earlier can be drawn as a skeleton. That way you are sure to hit two critical buttons at the same time.

Animal logos

This has to be the most popular category of brands. A typical gamer logo is often a representation of an animal. It's the same as with tattoos, it represents your team spirit. Who are you? Lone wolves brought together by accident? Cunning foxes who strive for profit and turn scary green? Or maybe relentless wild boars that attack against all odds? Logos like the ones mentioned clearly show who you are. All types of cats, such as lions and tigers or Pallas cats and ocelots, are the most popular here, as it was a tradition in the Middle Ages to put one of them on a banner. And there those who associate themselves with possums and armadillos. It is up to you which image you want to create.

Logos for natural disasters

A good idea for gamer logos would be to use Weather, Disaster, and Natural Disasters. What Can Hit An Omnicidal Cyclone? What can be more powerful than a force that creates abysses and earthquakes? And is there anything that can put out a raging fire? However, not all gamers will want to use aggressive logos like this one. You can use one of these atmospheric weather patterns, such as rain or a moonlit night. You can also add some magic to your logo by using fog, ether fireworks, or fireballs. For many players, it would become a symbol of luck or some kind of spell.

Weapons logos

Often times, it's not a character that is used to design players' logos, but their devastating weapon. This is also a rather aggressive message. And it actually fits, as players are usually busy with serious business at tournaments, battling for real rewards. Hence, a cold steel blade or a fire forged war hammer is an excellent idea for a logo. You can also use a shield to reduce aggression. The symbol shows that since you are not a psycho you will strike back. But don't forget to use magic in your game logo! Wands, wands, and other magical artifacts will go well with your logo. And remember, your fans must want to buy goods with your label on.

Examples of game logos

As you can see, all of the representations have not only a direct message, but also a hidden message. Don't forget to use some arcane meanings. This way you create both a beautiful picture and a lucky charm for your whole team!

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