How can we learn to love more

Instructions for more self-love

TIP 1:Banish harsh self-criticism and show self-compassion.
Refuse to criticize or belittle yourself. Learn to accept yourself for who you are - with your mistakes. If the critic in you speaks up, answer him: "Thank you for your opinion. I see it differently." End of discussion. Understand your mistakes and weaknesses. Self-compassion is important.

TIP 2:Don't frighten yourself with your thoughts.
Strengthen your back and encourage yourself when you are in doubt or in despair.

TIP 3:Be patient with you.
Be lenient with yourself when you learn something new and it doesn't work right away.

TIP 4:Praise you
Praise yourself - even for the smallest progress on the way to more self-love. Criticism pulls you down, praise builds you up.

TIP 5:Be lenient with your weaknesses.
Realize that we all have weaknesses and flaws. They don't get better or go away when we criticize ourselves for them. So be more tolerant with yourself, your mistakes and weaknesses.

TIP 6:Smile yourself often.
Whenever you look in the mirror, smile lovingly at yourself and say to yourself, "Hello."

TIP 7: Be a good friend to yourself.
Good friends help and support each other, good friends build up and motivate, good friends have an open ear for worries and needs. Be a good friend to yourself and support yourself.

If you care about yourself, you get rid of everything that is not good for you physically and that pulls you down emotionally - from people, bad habits and situations. You can call this healthy egoism or self-love and self-respect. Loving yourself doesn't mean being a narcissist who looks in the mirror with love and who doesn't care about others.Loving yourself means treating yourself the same as treating a friend.

The root of all evil in the world is lack of love for yourself.
Thomas Aquinas

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