What color is the lemon-lime gatorade


Gatorade is a sports drink developed in 1965 as a result of the University of Florida sports team, the "Gators". The team succumbed to heat-related illnesses, so researchers designed Gatorade to replace the missing electrolytes and carbohydrates that were believed to be causing the problems. The drink has gained popularity over the years, and many different flavors have been introduced that contain the same key ingredients. In 2010, the G series was marketed to consumers as more than a moisturizing drink containing essential nutrients for athletes as well. Both the G2 and G series are designed to meet athletes' need for restoration of hydration, protein and carbohydrates before, during and after performance.

Lemon lime

Lemon-lime was the first Gatorade flavor and has a strong flavor of lemons and limes. It's part of the range of original Gatorade flavors.

Fruit punch

Fruit Punch is another of the original Gatorade flavors and comes in a bottle with a red label. Fruit Punch is part of the G2 group of flavors.


Gatorade Orange Flavor belongs to both the G2 series of beverages and the G series.

Glacier freeze

Glacier Freezing Gatorade is part of the Gatorade Frost area and is a light blue color. This flavor appeared alongside Cascade Crash and Spring Tide Rush, and is a G2 flavor.

Spring tide rush

The purple colored spring tide rush is part of the Frost series of flavors. As of 2010, the Riptide Rush and Glacier Freeze are the only flavors from the Frost series still on the market.

Wild grape

Wild grape is dark blue-purple in color and appeared around the turn of the millennium with a few other "fierce" flavors. Wild grape made the original taste of grapes obsolete. Alternatively, you can purchase this and other Gatorade flavors in powder form.


Gatorade Lemonade was released in 2005. It's light yellow and Gatorade version of Lemonade, with the usual electrolyte and carbohydrate mixture.

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