What does Immediate Response mean

Anaphylaxis - the allergic shock

All of the symptoms listed are clear signs of anaphylactic shock. The faster severe reactions occur, the faster you have to act. It should not be forgotten that every allergy sufferer develops different symptoms. All of the reactions mentioned do not always have to occur. Even with an unusual skin reaction, those affected should be very attentive and, if in doubt, consult a doctor. Tingling hands and feet, watery eyes or an inner restlessness can also indicate anaphylaxis.

Correct behavior in anaphylaxis

Two steps are crucial for successful anaphylaxis therapy after the insect bite:

  • The emergency doctor must be notified and informed about the allergic emergency.
  • The person concerned must immediately use the prescribed medication from their emergency kit.

The emergency anaphylaxis kit contains three drugs to relieve the allergic reaction and to stabilize the circulation. In addition, special asthma medication may be included if the person has asthma. It is important for allergy sufferers and accompanying persons to know how to use the medication correctly. The preparations must be prescribed by a specialist and can be life-saving in an emergency.

We have put together important information on what to do in the event of an anaphylactic shock on our emergency page. This explains the first aid measures and emergency medication in more detail.

For anaphylactic shock to be treated successfully, it is essential to recognize the symptoms early on. Allergy sufferers and their relatives should know the signs exactly so that they can act immediately in an emergency.