What is it like to work at Airtime

In the last 15 years we have been able to use our systems for our customers in over 300 productions in 20 countries. In order to make the fascination and emotions of an event tangible on the screens, we give everything for dynamic perspectives.


WORLD TOUR | 2008-2017

UCI Mountain Bike World Cup

Downhill & Cross Country | 2012 - 2020

IBU Biathlon World Cup

Biathlon Worldcup Ruhpolding | 2020

Red Bull BC One

Red Bull BC One Final Zurich | 2018

How we do it

We strive for perfection in every production. We always pursue the goal of delivering the best result at every moment in order to inspire our customers and ourselves. We have experienced many exciting and challenging situations and we are constantly trying to develop further. If we do not yet have a suitable solution for implementing a new idea - we will do everything we can to develop a suitable tool for it.

Strive for improvement

With us there is no standstill unless the customer requests it. For us, striving for improvement is an expression of our passion for what we do.

avoid errors

We consciously take the necessary time for detailed planning. In this way we can guarantee a smooth process and avoid mistakes. Aviation often serves as a model for us to optimize safety-relevant processes.

The view for the whole

An event is successful when everything is right. We are also happy to lend a hand on construction sites that are a little outside of our actual job description.

Joy and passion for work

A wide variety of people come together in our team. However, they all have one thing in common - they love what they do and you can feel it.

Create a relaxed atmosphere

Every event can bring unexpected challenges - not only when the weather conditions change. We stay relaxed and concentrate on our task.

team spirit

We are very fortunate to be able to work at the most exciting events around the world. Each individual, but above all the team, basically gives their best.

Everything for the moment

We give everything to capture unforgettable moments in recordings. Even if we sometimes get little sleep or there is no longer enough time for a shower - we set our priorities on the essentials. The success of a production.

Attitude to life

Everything we do, we do with joy. This is the only way we can work relaxed and focused, even under high pressure.

Attention to detail

In order to be able to deliver “the recording”, we pay attention to all details. Every little thing can be essential for the result and thus the success of a production.