What is not art

It's not an art.

Money and art
In truth, money and art have a lot in common.

On the one hand they are materially present,
however, their real value is always one idealist.
(- In a native village remote from civilization
one would only get stupid reactions,
would you want such a green scrap of paper (a dollar)
to exchange for other things, for natural products.)

The common art definitions now (and we are arguing about that in this thread)
observe and discuss here only the respective ideal content of a work of art,
- so: what is art, why is what art when, where are the limits of art,
what goes down in art history, etc.
every now and then and on an amateur level something is stammered about the art market.
(The well-known Burger-King-King-Art-Customer phenomenon that every
who can hold such an American beef sandwich in his hand,
makes the king of the market economy, and thus elevates him above all materially obtainable things,
and so also makes every burger king king over all living and dead artists,
The highest demands are made on their art dishes
(and that although this clientele would never ever buy art,
- because the respective KönigKunstKunde taste judgment is free,
and it's mostly derogatory)

Works of art, and in our context that is definitely the other side of the same coin,
usually exist anyway and actually always materially (OK, there are a few exceptions)
and that is why they are always suitable as commercial goods.

With the money of the banks (more precisely: the central bank), for example, you can conveniently
'save' one's own life and work performance,
in order to then spend them again, for example, on a vacation.

Now this money is obviously in a crisis right now,
and in that context one should consider the real utility of works of art
(in my personal case that of painted pictures)
by no means underestimate
insofar as an art purchase on a secondary business level
in fact one, especially seen over the years,
can be a sensible investment.

And maybe it is precisely because there is currently a real hate speech
Bankers and economists not only against gold,
but also against art
(as a completely 'unsafe' and 'dingy') investment.

Historically, works of art all have crises, hyperinflations and wars
and currency reforms survived.
And most of the time it increases your value.

Anyway, no one would take a bill or a bank
in this function as a store of value, deny a thoroughly practical utility value,
But that's exactly what paintings are always good for.