What is your strength in interview questions

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Strengths motivate and give strength

Many aspects, topics and questions in job interviews are considered by applicants rather than unpleasant, annoying and annoying felt, for example the question about the weaknesses or the one after Reason for change.

All different but it is with the Strengthen, after all it is good feeling to know what one canwhat one with pleasure do and how to tasks or Problemssolves.

From this you can force pull in difficult situations. Because who is earlier Achievements and successes and the strengths useddeliberately calls back to memory, strengthens to be with it Self-confidence.

So join us for the exciting search, selection and believable description Your strengths.

And always remember: you will ultimately be for it setwhat you can - and that always includes yours Strengthen!

Find out, select, describe strengths

In order to get a better idea of ​​what applicants can, like and want, many job interviews ask about strengths as well as possible weaknesses.

With the right professional and personal strengths, you can clearly set yourself apart from the competition for a job. Find out your strengths!

  • What do you do with pleasure?

  • In which tasks does the Time like in flight?

  • Which Interested in topics You?

  • When will you be around Advice asked?

  • What can you especially good?

  • Where did you go further developed?

  • What appreciate others for you?

What fits the professional field?

Attention please, to know your own preferences and preferences, means Not, so that HR employees or future supervisors too to convince.

What is strived for always applies Occupational field and the advertised position to keep an eye on. In technical professions, a "structured approach" is always required, in commercial professions "communication skills" and in social professions "empathy".

That is what sets me apart

So ideally present your own strengths in the interview in such a way that so-called "unique selling points" clearly distinguish you from your competitors ("What sets you apart from other applicants?")

Interview: New questions about your strengths

In the meantime, the questioning techniques have become very refined. It is not only asked classically and directly using "self-assessment questions", for example "Where do you see your strengths?"

Surprisingly worded

  • Questions of scale: "On a scale from 1 to 10, how do you rate your organizational strength?"

  • Difference questions: "Would you please describe to me what is for you usual Experience in customer contact and what you are under pronounced Understand experiences in this area? ",

  • Self-reflective questions: "How do you react when it becomes obvious that you have made the wrong decision?"

  • Triadic questions (no third party present): "Which of your strengths would your manager highlight?",

  • situational questions: "In which professional context did you regularly use this strength?" or

  • hypothetical questions: "If you could only have two strengths, which would you choose?"

Examples: List with 100 strengths PDF

It is therefore always worthwhile to get a better idea of ​​your own strengths in preparation for job interviews, structured interviews or assessment centers.

If you would like suggestions here, you can use the following sample list "Strengths", in which we distinguish between the typical strengths of managers and specialists. Of course there are many more positive qualities.

Scroll Just down a little further and use the free PDF download 100 strengths.

click You on the Button for 100 strengths (free PDF download).

Enumerate: Not enough

However, it is not enough to simply list three key words in the interview to credibly substantiate your own strengths. The question "Can you please tell me your strengths?" Would be accompanied by the answer "I see commitment, perseverance and resilience as my strengths." certainly not adequately answered.

Works: Linking with examples

So that your advantages don't just look like an abstract list, you should link them to experiences, experiences and situations from your professional career. Here, the psychology of the application language plays a major role, which you should use in your favor.

Why? For this reason, strengths are asked for

Where do you see your strengths?

So scarce you better answer Not!