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Hair removal with the IPL laser:
my experience report

My own application + conclusion

I recommend that you do a little skin check-up before using it properly for the first time. You never know how your skin type will really react. To be on the safe side, I tested the laser on a small area of ​​skin on the inner calf before using it on a large area for the first time and waited 48 hours to see whether my skin reacted negatively. I also chose the gentle mode as it was my first time.

The good: The laser detects the skin tone when it is placed on the skin and adjusts the light intensity thanks to the SensoAdaptTM Skin tone sensor automatically. I also personally find it very good that you have to shave the body parts to be treated, such as legs or armpits, before the laser application, because this means that the body parts always remain smooth during the entire application phase. Unlike other hair removal methods, you don't have to grow your hair extra to use the device. So you kill two birds with one stone.

The application itself is super easy. You glide slowly over the area of ​​application and I didn't even need the specified eight minutes per leg, for example with the gliding mode, but only three to four minutes. The light pulses themselves are almost noiseless. The skin becomes slightly warm without Pain. After the application, my legs felt and looked normal and I even saw them afterwards perfume-free (!) Cream applied. Slight reddening of the skin after the application should be normal, but I didn't have it. If they occur, however, they should subside again within minutes or hours - depending on the skin type. So no need to panic right away.

Easy Application difficulties I unfortunately had it in the lower leg or ankle area, because the laser window could not be placed 100% on the skin. So I had to cut out the lower leg areas at ankle height. In addition, before the application I had a small area / skin irritation on my leg that I accidentally lasered over. This then ignited minimally the following days. So you should make sure to leave out such areas or affected areas.

Otherwise I am really satisfied with the application and was able to switch to the normal "white" laser level from the third week. Before that, I had always blasphemed in the blue or white flashing lamp to get my skin used to the method.

About theHair growth Unfortunately, even after four weeks of use, I cannot draw a complete conclusion. However, I already have the feeling that my hair growth has slowed down slightly. It hasn't stopped completely, but after four weeks with my hair structure and the dark color, that wasn't to be expected either.

UPDATE: After testing the IPL laser for 12 weeks, my conclusion is positive. To be honest, I wouldn't have expected such a good result myself. My hair growth on my legs has slowed down extremely so that the laser has absolutely confirmed its functionality. I can also confirm the result under the armpits. The laser really works! I was and still am very enthusiastic and impressed. If I had known that earlier. Now in the winter months I will probably use the laser a little more irregularly, however. I'll be lasering more in spring at the latest, so that I'll hopefully be completely hair-free next summer.

Furthermore, the easy and painless application has more than convinced me and I will definitely continue to use the laser!

So at the end I have a goodie: I'm giving away a Braun IPL device worth € 400 to one of you!

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