What are general admission tickets

Terms and Conditions (GTC)


The following General Terms and Conditions (GTC) regulate the sale of entrance tickets ("Tickets") to customers / orderers for events that StuttgartKonzert Veranstaltungs GmbH ("StuttgartKonzert") organizes in its own name. This includes the event itself as well as all related ancillary services.

These terms and conditions also apply to all future card purchases by the same customer or if the same password is used.

I. Special provisions for ticket sales on the Internet

1. Conclusion of the contract

The electronic ticket system of StuttgartKonzert ("Virtuopolis") is set up in such a way that all tickets for an event that can still be sold on the Internet are color-coded as available. In this way, StuttgartKonzert submits an offer to conclude a binding contract. This offer is accepted by the customer by sending the ticket order after completion. The contract was concluded with the processing by the StuttgartKonzert server. A separate confirmation of the order by StuttgartKonzert is not required for the conclusion of the contract. Nevertheless, StuttgartKonzert will immediately send an e-mail with the data of the order to the given electronic address.

Important NOTE:

According to § 312 b III No. 6 of the German Civil Code (BGB), ticket orders on the Internet are not subject to the rules on distance contracts. There is therefore no right of withdrawal according to § 355 BGB. All orders are therefore final and binding.

2. Password

a. When ordering, the customer can choose a password that he chooses himself.

b. The customer undertakes not to make this password accessible to third parties and not to save it on his computer. Violations are at your own risk. The customer is liable for any misuse.

3. Quantity restriction

StuttgartKonzert reserves the right to verify orders of 15 or more tickets before they are executed.

II. General provisions

The following general provisions regulate all ticket sales regardless of whether they are made on the Internet ("Virtuopolis") or in any other way.

1. Payment modalities

Tickets can be paid for in cash or by direct debit, on the Internet only by direct debit. In the event that you are responsible for the return of a direct debit, StuttgartKonzert will pass on the chargeback costs of 5 euros to you. These chargeback costs are made up of the fees incurred by the respective financial institution and the associated additional expense.

2. Shipping / shipping and system charges

a. StuttgartKonzert will send the ordered tickets to an address to be given. Shipping is at the customer's risk and can be made dependent on prior, full payment. For postage and packaging, the fees shown on the Internet during the booking will be charged, otherwise EUR 4.00 for postage and packaging for shipping within Germany and EUR 1.00 per ticket as a system fee.

b. Unless otherwise agreed, tickets within Germany will be sent by Deutsche Post AG. We reserve the right to choose another shipping method at our reasonable discretion.

c. The tickets remain the property of StuttgartKonzert until they have been paid for in full.

3. Complaints

a. The customer is obliged to notify StuttgartKonzert immediately if the tickets ordered for delivery within Germany do not arrive within 5 working days after the order has been sent.

b. Complaints about incorrectly executed orders can only be made up to the beginning of the event and are excluded after this point in time.

c. Lost tickets will not be replaced.

4. Return of tickets

The return of correctly delivered tickets is fundamentally excluded. StuttgartKonzert's own mistakes when executing orders will be corrected in accordance with the applicable statutory provisions.

5. Postponement / cancellation of events

a. StuttgartKonzert reserves the right to relocate events to other locations or days for an important reason, in particular if artists become ill or bad weather at open-air events. Purchased tickets remain valid; Reimbursement is limited to cases in which the customer cannot reasonably be expected to attend the new appointment.

b. If an event is canceled, the entrance fees will be reimbursed without shipping, postage and system fees on presentation of the original tickets.

6. Subscription Terms

a. Subscription contract: A subscription can be ordered by telephone or in writing from StuttgartKonzert and on the Internet at www.stuttgartkonzert.de. On the Internet, the customer can choose from the available price categories and collect them in a so-called shopping cart by clicking the "Add to shopping cart" button. The special provisions for ticket sales on the Internet also apply.

b. Extent and renewal of the subscription: A subscription is generally valid for one season. It is automatically extended for another season if it is not canceled in due time on June 1st or the date notified to the customer. Cancellation is possible by email ([email protected]) or in writing by post (StuttgartKonzert Veranstaltungs GmbH, Reinsburgstr. 33, 70178 Stuttgart). The subscription price is determined in each case according to the selected price category. The price categories can be viewed at www.stuttgartkonzert.de and in various print media published by StuttgartKonzert.

c. Transferability: The subscription card can be transferred at any time.

d. Subscription ID: The subscription ID is sent free of charge. StuttgartKonzert must be notified of any changes to the name, address and, if applicable, bank details. The conditions in point 3a also apply to the subscription card.

7. Liability / Limitation of Liability

a. StuttgartKonzert is liable within the framework of the statutory provisions without limitation for damage resulting from even negligent injury to life, body and health of the customer. The same applies to the breach of essential contractual obligations.

b. For other damages, liability for simple negligence on the part of StuttgartKonzert and its legal representatives and vicarious agents is excluded. The liability for gross negligence and intent remains unaffected.

8. Storage of data / data protection

StuttgartKonzert only uses personal data from customers within the framework of what is legally permissible or if the customer has given consent under data protection law. With regard to the details on the handling of personal data, reference is made to the data protection declaration.

9. Applicable law / external terms and conditions

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies exclusively to all contracts subject to these General Terms and Conditions. Other general terms and conditions are not valid.

10. Place of fulfillment / place of jurisdiction

a. The place of performance for all mutual obligations is Stuttgart.

b. The LG Stuttgart is responsible for all disputes with merchants, legal entities under public law and special funds under public law that relate to orders based on these general terms and conditions including the implementation of the event.