Why is papyrus writing bad

"Avatar": Ryan Gosling makes fun of the "Papyrus" font

It seems almost as popular as Comic Sans and has been one of the standard fonts on Windows computers for 17 years. Their frequent use causes the Hollywood star Ryan Gosling sleepless nights, as he admits on the entertainment program "Saturday Night Live".

"Like a careless child who tears up leaves"

Again and again in his life he is plagued by episodes in which the font almost haunts him, a dramatically staged video shows. "I forgot for years, but then I remembered that Avatar, a huge international blockbuster, used papyrus for its logo."

"He just highlighted the word, opened the font menu and randomly selected 'Papyrus' - like a careless child walking through a garden and tearing off leaves," Gosling said. "This man, this 'professional graphic designer' just got away with it." Although the font has been modified for the "Avatar" logo, whatever those responsible have done, "was not enough." Now he has to see them everywhere - on wellness products, Asian restaurants or Shakira merchandise.

"We laughed to death"

The humorous criticism of his work is taken up with humor by the inventor of the font, Chris Costello. "Me and my wife laughed to death," he said of the SNL video. As an illustrator and graphic designer, he thinks "Papyrus" is a "well-designed typeface", Techcrunch quotes him.

There is one little known detail that is interesting. A different font was used on the first posters for Avatar, which came out in theaters in 2009. This comes from the "Stencil" family and is stylistically in a completely different notch than "Papyrus".

Blog documents "papyrus" usage

How the lettering will look like on the four announced sequels remains to be seen. "Avatar 2" should start in December 2020. Meanwhile, if you are looking for more examples of the inflationary use of the font, you can keep up to date on the blog "Papyrus Watchers". (gpi, October 4th, 2017)