What is your Xbox Gamer Points scoring

Maximize your score

Earn up to 20 points for every euro you spend on games, films and much more in the Microsoft Store.

This is how your score grows

This is what you get for every euro you spend on qualified content in the Microsoft Store.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 2

with an active Xbox Live Gold membership
If you purchase qualified content on Xbox or Windows in the Microsoft Store as a member of the 2nd level, you will receive 10 points and bonus points for every euro you spend. The points will be credited to you within 48 hours of purchase. *
  • Members on the 1st level receive 1 point for every euro spent.
  • Members on the 2nd level receive 10 points for every euro spent at the time of purchase.
  • Members of the 2nd level with Xbox Live Gold status will also receive an additional 10 points for every euro spent (a total of 20 points for every euro spent). New Xbox Live Gold members can earn bonus points within 48 hours of signing up.

You will receive points for this

  • As with Xbox Live Rewards, the full versions of Games on Demand titles for Xbox One, arcade games, indie games, game add-ons, season passes for games as well as films, TV shows, entire seasons of series and apps count as eligible content .
  • Excludes: Surface Hub; Xbox Live Gold Memberships; Subscriptions such as Xbox Game Pass or EA Access; Microsoft Films & TV Season Passes; the purchase of in-game consumables, Xbox gift cards, and Microsoft gift cards; Articles in point card offers and articles in special offers. Earn points for spending up to $ 20,000 (USD) per year.
  • As each purchase is only valid for one offer, please note the following: If you purchase a title that is part of a selected rewards offer currently available on the website, you will NOT receive any additional points, only the specified points for that particular offer.

* Rewards points will be canceled when purchases are returned. Since the bonus points are only granted for digital purchases, this does not apply to hardware, the purchase of which is only granted 1 point per euro spent. Restrictions apply.