Does Donald Trump have good style

Trump's language - effective and dangerous

Language reveals a lot about a person's character. This also applies to politicians like Donald Trump. Linguists from the USA and Germany provide insights into the meaning of his words.

Interested in Trump's language: Linguist Elisabeth Wehling

Elisabeth Wehling spent the evening of Trump's first speech to the US Congress in her California office. For the Berkeley linguist, that's part of her work time, she studies the language of politics. Donald Trump's style of language is an exciting topic for her. The politician provides new material for analysis every day. After his speech, the media cheered his new tone, she took a closer look. In terms of content, she finds nothing new. Only the presentation has changed: "Of course you can tell that the speech was mandatory. It was not by chance that a video was published in which Trump is shown practicing."

Rehearsals like this are a must before important speeches. So far, we were used to other things from Donald Trump. Elisabeth Wehling hears a new tone, but recognizes the same message: "His pictures are still very intense. They stand for his ultra-conservative way of thinking." Blood, war and the widow of a fallen soldier - symbols with which Trump wants to move.

"Poll" via Twitter

Donald Trump knows how his words work. He uses this in a targeted manner, not only in speeches but also in tweets. Everything planned, says Wehling. Trump uses tweets and thus distracts from his politics. At the same time he creates images in people's minds. These landed directly and unfiltered with his readers. Incidentally, he asks her for her opinion: "He writes a tweet, puts a blatant thesis in the room and sees how people react."

The US president reaches his fans via Twitter. They share his tweets and thus repeat his linguistic images. If his opponents follow suit, it can be dangerous. They write about "fake news" and repeat what they say. "Donald Trump is an experienced businessman. He knows how his ideas get stuck," said Wehling. This is a big mistake by the press, which condemns his statements, but spreads them anyway.

A new style

With his language, Trump wants to arouse feelings in the audience. Linguist Jean K. Gordon compared the words in Trump's speeches with those of Clinton and Obama's. She found that Trump's speeches were most likely to contain negative terms. His address to Congress was much more positive. You can see a new strategy for Trump and his team.

Trump's tweets and impromptu speeches are credible to his followers. He uses short sentences, simple words and understandable pictures. That was his strategy even before the elections - and he was successful. Now he is being criticized for it: "Donald Trump's speech in front of the memorial in Langley and his speech at the" National Prayer Breakfast "were catastrophic," said Theresa Heyd, linguist at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

He recently showed that Trump can do different things. After being aggressive and angry comes calm and orderly. Elisabeth Wehling considers the hype surrounding his new tone to be exaggerated: "It doesn't matter whether he speaks rowdy or calmly. What really matters is the content, and it has stayed the same."