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Homework, sports, meeting friends - what else? Everyday life is really stressful at times. With these tips you can find inner balance and even a little good karma.

The many everyday tasks can sometimes not only stress you, but actually overwhelm you. This is why it is so important that you take care of your mental and emotional health. It's even easier than you think! Here are seven tips on how to bring more joie de vivre into your everyday life.

1) Learn to meditate.

It seems like the whole world is meditating. Stars, managers, your friends. Then there must be something to it.

With fun to learning success - that's how it's done

Meditation is a spiritual practice that spilled over from India to Europe with the yoga sport. It actually sounds very simple: you close your eyes, watch your breathing and try to let your thoughts wander. However, this is often more difficult than you might think. But meditation can be learned and trains perception and concentration. There are hundreds of techniques - short, long, or extra deep meditations. You train your own mindfulness and concentration. Meditation does not require any accessories or an incredible amount of time. Ten minutes a day is sufficient for the time being to anchor your inner calm. Extra tip: There are meditation apps for beginners, such as Headspacethat provide guided meditation. The app is free in the trial version, but you have to take out a subscription for extra packages.


2) You always have five minutes - your karma thanks you for it.

Actor and director Adam Rifkin has a five-minute rule. This says: Even if you don't have time, you always have five minutes. The director and actor wants to say that you can help everyone. Always and everywhere - you have these five minutes. Bring the TV magazine to your grandma quickly, show the new classmate the school, pick up something that has fallen down on the street, whatever. Just be mindful and helpful and you will collect a lot of karma points every day. What exactly this karma is cannot be explained in one sentence. But this spiritual concept also originally comes from India. It says that every action has a consequence - whether in this life or in the next. And these consequences can be positive or negative, depending on the initial act.


3) Travel if you can.

If time allows and money - travel as much as you can. Traveling educates, lets us adjust to new situations and opens the brain and your heart. You don't have to go to Kuala Lumpur right away. Changing scenes regularly is also a good way to keep moving. The Baltic Sea or the Harz do the same. The main thing is that you see something new every now and then and change your perspective. A proverb says: "You never return from a journey the way you started it." Or as author Hans Christian Andersen said: "To travel is to live."


4) Express yourself!

In order to achieve inner balance, it is important to express one's feelings. Be it positive or negative - self-expression is essential for survival. Are you angry with someone or do you feel that you have been treated unfairly? Enter into conversation with the person, don't eat it up. Are you happy about someone Share yourself here too. And for all feelings that you cannot or will not easily name, there is still art. Write a diary, sing songs or paint pictures. This is how you stay in touch with yourself.


5) Take the time to eat.

Half an hour should be allowed for the meal. Regular and stress-free meals ensure physical balance and thus also help the soul and psyche to feel good in your body. Eat a healthy and balanced diet. A home-cooked meal a day is also a form of self-care. If cooking is not your thing, a good salad will do the same.


6) Give compliments and be as kind as you can.

Do you like a strange girl's eye shadow? Tell her! Do you always find the cashier particularly friendly and courteous? Let her know! Learn to compliment yourself as often as you can. You will see that you make your fellow human beings happy and yourself too. That also makes for good karma.


7) Learn to let go.

Just as many people talk about it as they do about meditating. You should let go every day. How does that work? Quite simply: it is enough to practice regularly, not to place undue emphasis on the opinion of others. For example: You want to wear this t-shirt, but you are unsure how it will be received by your fellow men? Put it on! This is how you learn every day to break away from other people's opinions and to listen to yourself. Life becomes a whole lot more worth living. And you arrive at your place.


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