How do I develop baking recipes

Create your own recipes - that's how it works!

Who does not know it: A look in the refrigerator only promises leftover food. In moments like these, creativity is required. It's good to know what is important when creating your own recipes. We asked a food blogger for her tips.

With a little creativity, curiosity and humor, great new recipes can be invented.

Forgot to shop and your stomach growls? Do you get visitors and want to try something completely new? You have an idea for a recipe, but you don't know whether and how to approach it? There are many reasons that move us to put the cookbook aside and get creative ourselves.

Just as important as the contents of the refrigerator: supplies!

If it is the empty refrigerator, the next one will be Glance into the pantry thrown. There should always be a few basic and long-lasting foods here, with the help of which you can conjure up something delicious in the refrigerator even when it is empty. If you take into account tried and tested tips for creating food supplies, you are guaranteed to always bring something tasty to the table.

But no matter how small the selection of ingredients is or how large the selection in the supermarket - what is the first step for your own recipe? How do you start? How do you choose ingredients?

Less can go wrong with cooking

19-year-old Anika is a food blogger and knows a lot about questions like these. She experiments in the kitchen several times a month. She presents and explains the best creations in her blog “strawberry-colored”. Even with her, one or the other idea was shot in the oven - or didn't work as well as Anika imagined. Especially Macarons always bring difficulties with himself. "Less fatal mistakes happen when cooking“, She reports. Annika's tip: collect Inspirations in blogs, social networks like Pinterest, cookbooks or magazines. You can build on them wonderfully: "In the beginning it is good to take a basic recipe, for example a sponge cake dough and bake it according to the recipe. You think of the filling yourself."Another way that has proven itself: Combine existing recipes or change ingredients and spices on your own.

Don't despair, dare!

Experience with recipes is of course an advantage. But that is much more important Have the courage to experiment, advises the Thuringian. You can quickly find out those foods that you just always like and that somehow go together perfectly in all variants. "A combination that I always like to eat: Chocolate with orange, lemon and mint!“Reveals Anika. Whether you vary these with a muffin, cookie or sorbet recipe - that's entirely up to your imagination. And if you strictly adhere to the basic recipe, so much cannot go wrong. Anika herself proves that with one Modification of a classic pasta. Instead of pasta with tomato sauce, the pasta, tomato and orange fan serves Spirelli with tomato orange sauce and bacon! Sounds daring? Exactly! And that's the art.

This is what Anika's reinterpretation of a tomato sauce looks like.

Basic recipes for creative cooking

Here are a few simple cooking foundationsthat you can build on when experimenting:

We hope you enjoy experimenting, trying and reinventing yourself!

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