Is Donald J Trump politically correct

The first days after Donald Trump is certain that he will actually be President of the United States from January 2017, show a very different Trump than one was used to from the election campaign. Talking to incumbent Barack Obama, the entrepreneur was calm. He also announced that many of his sharp-tongued demands during the election campaign in the coming years would be implemented differently than initially claimed. Trump even found words of praise for the healthcare reform implemented by the Democrats (keyword: Obamacare). So was everything initially cooked hotter than it could ultimately be eaten?

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In an interview with "60 Minutes" Donald Trump revealed that in his opinion he was elected mainly because he had bet much more consistently than his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton on social media such as Twitter and Instagram. That unites him with Barack Obama, who was elected US President in 2008 because he used the Internet for his political purposes with a wealth of ideas and humor.

Verbal astray with Twitter

"Social media has a bigger impact than all the money the Democrats have spent"said the 70-year-old in the TV conversation, alluding to the fact that the Democrats had more than twice as much financial resources for their election campaign.

It was one of the first major interviews that Trump gave after the tough and low-point election campaign. "It's a modern form of communication," said Trump. There are no reasons for him to be ashamed when using social media. Again and again Trump was attacked - also by numerous media - for negligently provoking via Twitter and Co. and for spreading lies.

Shortly before the end of the election campaign, however, his tweets became significantly fewer; Recently, Trump indicated that he generally wanted to curb himself a little more online. However, he still countered the numerous protests against his election as US president on Twitter.