Why is Dubai famous for desert safaris

The 22 best desert safaris from Dubai

So you think about it, one Dubai desert safari to participate? Nice thought! There is probably no better mix of culture and tradition, adrenaline and excitement than in this region of the UAE.

From smoking shisha with the leaders of the Bedouin tribes to rushing over the sand hills in mighty four-wheel drive vehicles, the list of tempting tours that we have put together for you offers all kinds of pleasures that you will probably never forget. Some even have promotions in store in the big city of Dubai itself!

Now let's take a look at the best deals on desert safaris in Dubai:

1 - Premium Red Dunes & Camel Safari with BBQ at Al Khayma Camp

This afternoon expedition begins by swapping modern Dubai for the ocher slopes of the Lehbab Desert. There you whiz down the dunes on sandboards and rumble over the hills in four-wheel drive vehicles. Before the adrenaline rush is over, it's time to move on to the famous Al Khayma camp.

Built according to the traditions of the old Bedouins, it serves to channel the spirit of Arabia. That means: an evening full of camel rides at sunset and barbecues with belly dance shows.

2 - Dubai: Sunrise balloon flight with breakfast and falconry

This excursion starts early in the morning, so you will find yourself on this tour shortly after sunrise over the moving sands of the Arabian desert. You can marvel at all of this from the basket of a hot air balloon, from which you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of the breathtaking landscape.

If you look down, you can catch a glimpse of hopping gazelles, oryxes, and camels striding slowly across the dunes!

You will also have the option to immerse yourself in the centuries-old traditions of Arab falconry and enjoy a gourmet breakfast of caviar and hand-smoked salmon in a remote nomad camp.

3 - Red dunes and overnight camel safari

Channel your inner Lawrence of Arabia on this immersive overnight expedition in the untamed Dubai hinterland. You will experience adrenaline pumping dune bashing (4WD ride over the sand hills) which is included in most packages of this type.

However, this package offers something else as well, as you can enjoy traditional Bedouin grill dishes here in the evening, listen to stories by the crackling fireplace and smoke shisha pipes with the locals.

Camel tours and henna painting classes are also offered.

4 - Red dune desert safari with BBQ dinner & live entertainment

Leave the paved boulevards of Dubai behind and step into the desert by rolling in a sturdy 4x4 vehicle on dusty trails towards a real Bedouin camp.

This awaits you in the middle of the Arabian Sand Sea and attracts with countless entertainment options such as gahwa (Arabic coffee) and folk Tanoura-Dance shows reflecting the mystical representations of the whirling dervishes of Turkey.

Oh, and the many ways to smoke shisha add to the atmosphere!

5 - Private Tour: 4 × 4 Desert Adventure Safari from Dubai

Five hours. That's all you need to enjoy the Dubai deserts in all their breathtaking, exotic splendor on this tour. First stop? A camel farm where you will learn how the Bedouin nomads have ridden these animals for centuries.

Next? A high-speed adrenaline kick at dune boarding, with instruction from a local professional. And then you can even add optional extras to your excursion to keep the adrenaline going - how about whizzing over the red-tinted sand hills on a quad bike? When the sun goes down, retreat to a tented camp to make a campfire under the stars and enjoy scented hookahs.

6 - Luxury VIP Desert Safari

To all jet-setters, or those who are planning their honeymoon: A trip to the desert does not automatically mean that you have to accept a spartan overnight stay or go on a raw, adrenaline-charged excursion. No, not on this bespoke VIP trip! The whole thing takes place in an elegant Land Cruiser and a competent guide is at your side from start to finish. This drive takes you to the protected Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

Rare caracals and Arabian gazelles live there, which you can watch from the window. As you dive deeper into the wild, turn on four-wheel drive to rumble across the dunes. And finally, a romantic 3-course buffet with belly dancing awaits you under the sparkling starry sky.

7 - Premium desert safari with BBQ, falconry, camel riding and sand boarding

This comprehensive tour brings you the highlights of the Dubai desert in just six hours. When you swap the luxurious Dubai Mall for the shimmering orange outback, experience an adrenaline rush and rush through the sand hills at a breathtaking pace - an exciting pastime known as dune bashing.

Then it's on to sand surfing, where you'll learn to master the art of dune descent. After that, the master falcon guides take over with your traditional Bedouin air shows. And then the day ends with a mix of water pipes and delicacies grilled over fire.

8 - Desert Experience: Dinner and Emirates Activities with Transfer from Dubai by Vintage Land Rover

Who needs air-conditioned luxury cars when you can have a rugged Land Rover? Certainly not the participants of this fascinating tour, who swap the luxurious means of transport you know from Dubai for something else ... for vintage! Yes, while the desert breeze is blowing through your hair, you will see falconry shows or a nomadic barbecue evening and camel rides.

But as is so often the case, the journey is the goal - there is probably no better way to spot the gazelles, creeping sand foxes and horned oryx than from an open vehicle!

9 - Dubai: Red Dune Desert Safari: BBQ, camel riding and sandboarding

There is no better time of day to experience the grandeur of the red-tinged Arabian desert than when the sun sets low on the horizon. For that special experience, join this guided tour of the wilderness of Dubai. It takes you from the bright lights of the big city to landscapes in which dunes rise and fall in a ceiling of bright vermilion.

On the way you are with dune bashing vehicles (4WD rides) and sandboards. And then it's back to an outback camp to try Arabic coffee, smoke shisha, and enjoy a traditional buffet.

10 - Overnight Desert Camp Experience: Dinner, Emirates Activities, and Vintage Land Rover Transportation

You can spend a night in the company of gazelles and horned oryx if you choose to sleep under the starry sky of the Arabian desert. You can also experience the life of a real Bedouin by learning about the history of falconry, Middle Eastern bread-making, and tattooing with henna.

That's all part of this exciting tour that begins in open land rovers - you embark on a safari ride inspired by African expeditions.

Then visit a royal desert camp, where you can take cooking classes and smoke shisha until late in the evening. The second day starts with a local breakfast of chabaab pancakes and strong coffee, followed by a drive through the dunes back to Dubai.

11 - 4 × 4 desert safari, free ATV ride, camel ride, BBQ dinner & live shows

No aspect of Arab desert life goes unexplored on this fun trip. Stories of saber rattlers, adventurers and regional history will put you in the mood for this desert safari - your knowledgeable guide will take care of that.

Soon your 4X4 car is rumbling up and down the dunes. And then it goes straight to a quad to look around the rough landscapes.

As sunset approaches, the day draws to a close in a traditional Bedouin camel camp. There, crackling fires warm the tents, and you can fortify yourself with delicacies roasted on a spit while shisha smoke swirls through the air.

12 - Dubai: Morning Desert Safari - Sand Boarding, Camels & Brunch

Early risers will love this morning safari to the Lahbab Desert. At the start of sunrise, drive 45 minutes out of Dubai before reaching the wilderness.

A short break is followed by a ride in an exciting dune buggy that promises a 4X4 rollercoaster ride over the dunes. Of course there is also a brunch if you leave this early!

The Al Khayma Camp welcomes you in an authentic Bedouin style. You will be served hand-rolled pancakes and steaming cups with tasty Gahwa coffee - the perfect refreshment for the rest of the day!

13 - Dubai: Afternoon desert safari and BBQ dinner

You can personalize this tour in the iconic sand sea of ​​the United Arab Emirates as you like. The basic package includes sand boarding and 4X4 trips into the wild.

There is also the option of getting traditional henna tattoos, riding a camel through the dunes and smoking hookahs typical of the Middle East.

The journey takes around six hours in total and ends in an open-air desert camp, where belly dancers and Arabic music round off the authentic backdrop.

14 - Desert safari + Burj Khalifa Observation Deck + Dubai Aquarium: 2-Day Combo

Combine all of the city's main attractions with a real desert safari in Dubai with this two-day package. You start at the sky-reaching Burj Khalifa. It's the tallest building in the world and your ticket includes skip the line and takes you straight to the lookouts on the 125th floor!

Then the snapping sharks, the misty rainforests and underwater tunnels of the Dubai aquarium beckon. The next stop is then the UAE outback.

The next day, spend your afternoon in a 4x4 vehicle that will take you to a Bedouin camp to look for hookahs and campfires among the glowing hills of sand.

15 - 2-day combo: desert safari + Dubai city tour + dhow dinner cruise

This exciting tour offers over 48 hours of fun with the best of every desert safari and the sprawling metropolis. In a moment you will lose yourself in the shimmering gold souks ...

... in another you get a glimpse into the cannon-occupied Al-Fahidi-Fort. And you will discover the breathtaking Palm Islands (artificially created in the Persian Gulf) and the arabesque architecture of the Jumeirah Mosque.

The excursions into the desert are peppered with barbecues and 4X4 dune drives. And then you can have a romantic meal on a traditional dhow boat among the skyscrapers along Dubai Creek.

16 - 2-day combination: 1-day hop-on / hop-off tour with a large bus + desert safari

If you want to do things at your own pace, what better way to spend your time in Dubai than with a hop-on hop-off bus tour. Hop aboard open-top coaches that travel through the city and enjoy glimpses of the iconic Burj Khalifa, the colossal Mall of the Emirates, and the Palm Islands. On the way there, a multilingual guide tells about the history and culture of the city.

Day two of this trip is all about your trip to the desert. In the early afternoon, take an off-road vehicle into the wilderness of Lahbab and experience a classic desert safari from Dubai with Bedouin villages and dune bashing.

17 - Dubai Super Savers: City Tour and Desert Safari

You can save a ton of money by opting for this low-cost combo tour. It combines a classic day of sightseeing in the big city with an exotic desert safari. In phase one, you will have the opportunity to shop in the shops of the Gold Souk and feel the salty breeze blowing over from busy Jumeirah Beach.

On the second day, head from the skyscrapers to the orange sands of the desert. There you can see falconry shows, conquer the dunes on sandboards and enjoy barbecues under the stars. Oh, and all for less than $ 90!

18 - Dubai combo: helicopter flight and desert camp in an off-road vehicle

A single day is enough to get to know Dubai and the surrounding hinterland on this trip, and all of this happens with a special, "motorized" adrenaline rush. First the helicopter is started and you fly through the dense forest of urban skyscrapers - there is really nothing that can prepare you for the incredible grandeur of the Burj Al-Arab and the mighty Burj Khalifa from the air!

After landing, change directly to a 4X4 car and drive to a Bedouin camp and experience an authentic desert safari near Dubai. These include camel rides, a local guide with a tremendous knowledge of mystical stories inspired by the sand sea, and even belly dance shows!

19 - SkyDive Dubai: Tandem Jump in the Desert Drop Zone + Free Burj Khalifa OR Desert Safari

Start your Dubai desert safari in style by plunging from the cloudless Arabian sky into the dusty sand dunes at a speed of 120 miles per hour. It's a tandem jump, so you will be accompanied by a professional on your jump and you can have the whole thing recorded on a camera.

After landing you have truly earned the trip to a Bedouin camp with hookahs and local coffee. To enjoy this, however, you have to choose the safari option and forego the tickets for the Burj Khalifa observation deck.

20 - Burj Khalifa Observation Deck & Desert Safari Combo

On this combo tour you will experience the tallest building in the world. You start with general access to the viewing platform on the 125th floor. From there you can see the shimmering Persian Gulf, the golden beaches of Jumeirah and the breathtaking Palm Island in all their glory.

As soon as you are back on normal ground, a 4WD pickup will be waiting for you. This is your ticket to the Arabian desert, where camel caravans and mystical Bedouin fire shows are on the program. Leaving the city behind, you have the chance to snap shots of the dunes as the sun sets and experience adrenaline pumping dune bashing!

21 - Dubai: Experience a luxurious 6-course private menu in the desert

Live like the ancient Arab sultans by indulging yourself and someone very special to you on this VIP tour. It's a fusion of a desert safari from Dubai and a luxurious dining experience. The whole thing takes place in the sand sea of ​​Lahbab, while the sun dips deep into the dunes and glows red.

Transportation is in premium range rovers with a bespoke location for a romantic candlelit dinner at a traditional royal retreat as the destination. You can either ride a camel or come by car.

Falconry tours and watching the sunset are the “starters” and then the main course - a romantic a la carte mix of bread, moussaka, spicy soups and sweet Lgeimat donuts.

22 - Red dune desert safari, BBQ dinner, shows, sand skiing, camel ride in Majilis camp

There is almost no end to the highlights of this exciting, culturally rich adventure. Depart Dubai in the early afternoon. This leaves enough time for the participants to get a feel for sand skiing and dune bashing before they reach the authentic Bedouin camp far out in the wilderness.

Once there, you will lose yourself in the smoke of the hookahs and the performances of belly dancers. A full buffet of kebab and mezze is served al fresco, and you even get the chance to pose in traditional oriental outfits for the mandatory Instagram shot!

We hope you have found the excursion that suits you perfectly and wish you an excellent desert safari in Dubai 🙂