Can I carry forward losses from options trading?

As you may have already found out yourself, your tax office taxes the income from investments, but does not participate or only partially in the losses. The latter is especially true in those cases in which your investment has "totally gone down the drain", meaning you have suffered a total loss. You do not have to accept taxation of profits without offsetting losses in every case. In the following, we would like to give you a few important information on the tax treatment of losses from investments.

Offsetting losses for investments

Losses from investments can in principle be offset against positive income from capital assets. What you cannot do, however, is to offset losses from capital income with positive income from another type of income, e.g. B. from your employment or self-employment. If the positive income is not sufficient to offset the losses, you must carry the losses forward to the next year.
With regard to ongoing profits and losses from stock trades, the following applies: Stock gains can only be offset against stock losses. Your domestic custodian bank therefore keeps two offsetting pots for you, one for the shares and a second for the other investments (e.g. certificates, funds, fixed-income securities). However, you should not expect your bank to provide correct and reliable loss offsetting. So talk to us and tell us about all income and losses from your investments (including foreign investments). We are examining a possible set-off against your taxable investment income.

Offsetting of so-called old losses from 1.1.2014

With old losses we mean those losses from private sales transactions according to the regulation of ยง 23 of the Income Tax Act valid until December 31, 2008. You remember: Profits from private sales transactions were tax-free after a holding period of at least one year. However, losses had to be realized within the one-year period, otherwise they could no longer be claimed for tax purposes. These old losses were determined separately on December 31, 2008. If you were unable to offset these old losses by December 31, 2013 due to a lack of offset profits, you can offset them against profits from other private sales transactions for an unlimited period of time. I. E. The old losses can no longer be offset against positive gains from capital investments, but can be offset against capital gains from property transactions or other taxable sales transactions within the applicable speculation periods. An example of this is the sale of physical gold within a year. You can still neutralize such profits in 2016 and the following years with old losses.
If you currently have old losses that cannot be offset, you should definitely speak to us. It may be worthwhile to realize profits in a private sales transaction. In this context, it is not detrimental to tax if the same item is acquired again after it has been sold and offset against profit / loss. Can you e.g. B. If you sell gold holdings at a profit as part of a private sale, and you offset the profit against your old losses, you can purchase the same gold holdings again a short time later.

Offsetting of total losses

If your entire investment has proven to be a total loss, it is little consolation for you to be able to offset losses against your income tax. However, you should not give away any money. The tax authorities ex officio oppose the inclusion of total losses. Arguments of the tax authorities: There is no sale if the sale price does not exceed the actual transaction costs. That would be the case with every total loss. However, this opinion, expressed in a relevant letter from the tax authorities, does not stand up to the case law. In two proceedings, the Federal Fiscal Court approved expenses for options that had become worthless as business expenses. In a ruling, the Rhineland-Palatinate Finance Court described losses of shares due to the insolvency of a corporation as a sale and therefore offsetting. In any case, speak to us if you have suffered a total loss.

Our service for you

As part of the preparation of your next tax return, we will examine a possible loss offsetting with your capital income for you. We will prepare the necessary tax returns for you. The latter is necessary for any loss offsetting across custody accounts. This is because your domestic custodian bank only offsets positive income with losses within the same custody account. As you know, foreign banks do not carry out any independent offsetting of losses as part of a withholding tax. Here, too, we will work accordingly for you. We are happy to analyze your loss offsetting options in an individual consultation, especially in the event of a total loss of your investment. There are numerous possibilities to create offsetting potential for losses from investments - even for those before 2009. We have interesting design options ready for you. Talk to us about it.

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