What does the expression utile dulci mean?

Utile Dulci

Utile Dulci is the shortened form of Omne tulit punctum, qui miscuit utile dulci what translates Everyone who mixes the useful with the pleasant wins everyone's applause.

Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus, 65 BC BC - 8 BC Chr.)

What I'm trying to say is: You're welcome to work with me. I am always open to ideas. - Combine the pleasant with the useful! -
You get to know me and I get to know you, your winery and wines.


Do you need an article / report / review about a specific winemaker, wine or winery for yourself or a print product or you would like me to be on my blog wein-notzien.de report about you as a winemaker or winery owner and your work?

My written spectrum ranges from entertaining reports and general texts to specialist articles that I can reconcile with my level of knowledge. When I write about wine and events on my blog, however, it is important to me to always maintain authenticity.

Wine tastings and presentations

If you need someone to guide you through an event or wine tasting with you or entirely alone, or are you interested in which wine can be combined and how, or if you need a basic course Wine Knowledge ’for a group, then I can clearly support you.
Entertaining moderation is entirely in line with my character and probably also in some ways the result of a lot of training.

I am also happy to guide you through a private event with wines that you have already selected for yourself, that I supplement with recommendations or that I completely select in consultation with you.

Just ask me !


Do you think your regular customers and actual target group want the same wines as in the past decades and would not prefer the majority of modern wines if they changed course, but would rather stick to the tried and tested residual sweet wines from Bacchus or PiWis? Would you like to create one or more wines that should sell on social media platforms?

‘Wine’ in general is a success story par excellence, but it also has to be sold unless you have created a sure-fire success, which very few winemakers manage to do without large upfront investments. End consumers and restaurateurs are constantly changing in all respects. They adapt your needs to the circumstances and mostly act rationally.
Transparency and visibility are becoming more and more important, even if many consumers currently do not want to "accept" the extra charge. Two good examples of this are the still very low average price that Germans spend on a bottle of wine and the insufficient willingness to pay reasonable prices for more animal welfare. I can therefore help you with ideas and suggestions to create a wine or something similar, to explore previously unexplored territory or to address new markets and target groups.

Product photography

Do you need specific pictures of wine bottles, events or your winery? I can definitely help you! A small selection of pictures that I took with my camera can be found here below the paragraph. Just ask me!

Aerial photography

Do you need certain recordings of your winery, your vineyards or events? I can help you! I have provided a small example for you to view here. Do not hesitate to contact me!

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