What's your favorite song from 4Minute

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Hey guys.
Something different is coming today.
I was tagged by lovely Jiinyeol, Kpoppers_belike and SellyLoveSeoul to mention a user. I hate you for that hahahah no fun xD

So the rules are:

1. You have to publish the rules (I don't understand why, but it doesn't matter)

2. You have to nominate 13 people (or less) (yeah is clear xD)

3. They have to answer these questions

4. Answer the questions and ask new ones

5. Nominating back is allowed

6. You have a week

Questions from Jiinyeol:

1. What exactly do you love about Korea so much? Is it the language or ...?
~I love the culture, the language, the fashion, etc. So just everything

2. Have you ever tried to infect your friends with K-pop?
~Sure even made it. Well not quite with one but the other is so crazy about kpop xD

3. What do you think of the phrase "Koreans look like girls (the boys)"?
~It just sucks. I just want to beat up those who said that

You must know number 3 for sure! xD

4. Have you ever learned a dance from a certain K-Pop band?
~Yep from 4minute Crazy, but I also got from Sister Shake it and from ikon Rhythm ta.
And right now I'm learning from BTS Dope: *

5. Have you ever changed bands? (e.g. from Exo to BTS like me xD)
~Yes xD from teentop to BTS and EXO ^^

6. Do you own any of your K-Pop bands?
~Nope suffers

7. Do you have any Korean friends?
~No but it would be cool

8. Who is your ultimate bias?
~Sehun ♡

9. What are your favorite groups?
~I have two BTS and EXO

10. How did you get into K-Pop?
~I watched a cover of waveya on Youtube and then looked at more and more covers and then I watched more and more MV and yes xD

Questions from Kpoppers_belike:

1. How did you get onto Kpop (friend, a certain site, etc ..)?
~ Same as question 10 from jiinyeol xD

2. If you had the chance to meet your bias, who would it be and what would you do with him;)?
~It would definitely be Sehun i love him and i would mirlt im go out on the beach: *

3. Do you also listen to girl groups?
~Yes i love 2ne1.4minutesdSNSD

4. Have you ever done dance covers?
~Yep hah I xD

5. What do you think of NCT (if you know what that is, I only say 40 members)?
~Well, I don't know them that well xD

6. Who was your first bias?
~C.A.P by Teentop

7. What do you want to be later?
~Eh i dont know xD

Questions from Selly:

1. How did you come across Kpop?
~ Waveya xD

2. If you had the chance to hit your bias. Who would it be And what would you do with him?
~ The same as with Kpoppers_belike xD
3. Which girls groups do you listen to?
2ne1, 4minute and SNSD

4. Which boygroups do you listen to?
~ BTS, EXO, BAP, Block B, and even more xD

5. Who is your Ultimate Bias?
~ Sehuuun: * ♡

6. Have you ever done dance covers? If so, from which song?
~ yes crazy from 4minute

7. Who was your first bias?
~ C.A.P by TeenTop

8. What is your favorite song at the moment?
~BTS Crow it♡♡

9. What do you think of NCT?! 😍
~I don't know them that well

10. What do you want to be later?
~ ka

And now my questions:

1. Why do you love kpop?

2. What do your parents and friends say about this?

3. Do your friends also listen to Kpop?

4. favorite band?

5. Who is your ulti?

6. What do you do when others talk badly about your bias?

7. Have you ever done dance covers?

8. How did you get into Kpop?

Yeah that was the day. Sorry that it took so long. I really didn't have much time

I nominate:


Yes i know there are many xD