How can you become a great writer

Be a turtle

What now? I don't mean you should go to Merlin the Wizard and let yourself be turned into a turtle. Rather, it's about having a thick armor. Because what will happen when you start your project?You will receive criticism and plenty of it. Don't let that stop you. Develop a thick emotional armor that will keep criticism where it belongs. Criticism should never affect your inner motivation. You should duck your little turtle head and listen to the criticism soberly from your safe shell.

In this way you learn to deal with the opinions of others in a very factual and constructive manner. Because criticism is valuable if you want to become a successful writer.As a specialist or non-fiction author, you should be open to criticism. But never let yourself be intimidated by it, but use it to improve your content and better narrow down your target group. In addition, there are simply a lot of curmudgeons in the world of books who just want to pull you down. Let these bounce off your tank and smile inside. The most important thing is that you just keep going and moving forward with your project. Nothing makes you happier than experiencing and feeling your progress.

And what else can you learn from the turtle?If you want to be fast, go slowly and carefully. Take small steps. You will find yourself moving faster this way than trying giant steps and tripping. Small milestones and milestones are worth gold in order to motivate you and to control your process. If you want to write your own book, the entire project with this method no longer looks like a mammoth, but like many small steps that you gradually climb up.