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Mobile DJ equipment

Mobile DJ equipment: the ideal set for DJs on the move

With your own Mobile DJ equipment you can make your offer as an event DJ more attractive. Here you will find a suggestion for a starter set, consisting of a DJ controller + case, PA system, disco light (with laser effects) and smoke machine. As an alternative, we are presenting a much cheaper set. If you add your own laptop now, nothing stands in the way of the next event ...

This mobile DJ equipment is practical and works well together - check our sample sets!

Mobile DJ equipment set including PA & light

We decided on a setup for a good 2,140 euros around a DJ controller and DJ software. Alternatively, you can of course bring a DJ mixer and turntables or media player on board.

Generally it has to mobile DJ equipment deserve its name - our set should be compact and light. This makes transport, assembly and dismantling a lot easier. With our controller-based system, fewer sockets are required at the venue.

Important if you are looking for mobile DJ equipment:

  • Compact dimensions
  • Good, safe portability
  • Light weight
  • Good workmanship
  • Comprehensive equipment within the scope of the possibilities

A beginner's guide: buy DJ equipment

Denon MC7000 Bundle

Controlling four decks with loops, hot cues, samples and effects is possible with the Denon MC7000, for example. It is designed for the established Serato DJ software - you get the license for a full version with it. Compatibility with Traktor and Virtual DJ 8 is given.

Two audio interfaces for connection to two laptops are on board. With XLR socket pairs for the master and booth output, you are prepared for a professional environment.

In this bundle you will find a sturdy case that also fits your laptop. It is made of 9 mm thick plywood and provided with protective steel ball corners.

»Now to the shop - street price: 980 €

the box CL 108 / 115MKII basic bundle

A DJ's portable loudspeaker system should have a powerful bass sound and be equipped with integrated amplifiers. Of course, the roadworthy processing is also important.

A suitable candidate is, for example, the box CL 108 / 115MKII - a set consisting of a subwoofer and two satellites. It offers 1,500 watts of peak power - 500 watts for the sub and two times 500 for the passive satellites, which are supplied by the subwoofer's integrated amplifier.

There are also speaker stands (1.25 - 2 m high) with a bag and speaker cables with professional speakON connectors (also known as “Speaker Twist”).

»Now to the shop - street price: 598 €

Eurolite LED KLS

Our lighting equipment has to be compact and light; All the better when it also conjures up diverse laser and LED light effects in all colors.

The Eurolite LED KLS meets these requirements with ...

  • 2 laser diodes for red and green laser beams
  • 2 rotating LED derbies for mirror ball effects (red, green, blue)
  • 2 spots with 3 TCL LEDs each (red, green, blue)
  • 4 white strobe LEDs

DMX control is of course possible. Traverse, tripod, 3-way foot switch and carrying bag are included. A remote control is optionally available.

»Now to the shop - street price: 298 €


Mobile DJs can put the icing on the cake with a compact fog machine. Especially in connection with laser effects like in our set of mobile DJ equipment.

There are smaller, lighter fog machines, but few that are as cheap and good as the IMG STAGELINE FM-1510. Fog and pause times as well as the output quantity are programmable. It can be controlled either via the included radio remote control or via DMX.

Street price: 203 €

AKG K182

The ideal DJ headphones offer all of this:

  • Robust workmanship
  • Detachable (spiral) cable fed in from one side
  • Screwable jack adapter
  • Flexible shells for one-sided eavesdropping, transport, etc.
  • Good shielding
  • High sensitivity
  • Dynamic sound
  • Moderate weight

The AKG K182 fulfills practically all requirements. This makes it highly recommended in its price range if you are looking for mobile DJ equipment.

Take a look at our DJ headphones test & comparison ...

»Now to the shop - street price: 85 €

CEON - easily recognizable, high quality DJ cables from Cordial

CEON cables

You should also pay attention to quality when wiring the equipment. If you rely on renowned manufacturers, your sound conductors will accompany you reliably over many years.

The latest example of successful cables for DJs is the CEON series from Cordial. With their lively, signal-colored sheaths, they are always easy to recognize in the DJ Booth. Optionally in green, orange and yellow, all configurations that DJs could use depending on the setup are available: Cinch ↔ Cinch, Cinch ↔ jack and jack ↔ jack. Each in lengths of 60 cm, 1.5 m or 3 m.

The coats are made of robust CPVC. A clean sound is guaranteed - largely oxygen-free copper wires, NEUTRIK connectors with large contact surfaces and a spiral screen are responsible for this.

»More information at ceon-cables.com

Cheap DJ equipment - the alternative set

As an alternative, you will find another, complete set of components of the same type - only the smoke machine is missing, as there are no lasers on board. All in all, this complete package has a street price of around 1,400 euros.

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 MKII

The main actor is the DJ controller Traktor Kontrol S4 MKII - a reliable modern classic especially for the in-house DJ software Traktor. A case is also included here!

»Now to the shop - street price: 609 €

the box CL 106 / 112MKII basic bundle

When it comes to PA, we recommend the smaller version of the system presented above. This still has a total output of 900 watts (peak), with a 12-inch subwoofer forming the base station.

»Now to the shop - street price: 499 €

Fun Generation LED Pot System

We would also like to point out the Fun Generation LED Pot System. It includes four DMX-controllable LED spotlights for all colors and color mixtures, a remote control and a transport bag.

»Now to the shop - street price: 279 €

the t.bone TDJ 1000

Last but not least, a very affordable DJ headphone that is simply impeccable for its price. Very flexible, with a spiral cable and considerable scope of delivery (screw adapter, angle adapter, bag, replacement ear pads).

»Now to the shop - street price: 19.90 €

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