Why do people freeze when scared

Why is late winter often so cold and thin people freeze faster? You should know these winter facts

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Winter just doesn't want to give up, cold days will be with us for a few more weeks. But do you know these curious facts about cold, snow and ice feet?
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  • Why does snow crunch while walking? "Snow consists of 90 percent air and is actually a perfect silencer due to its low density," says Matthias Habel, press spokesman and meteorologist at WetterOnline. “Once the snow has fallen, the ice crystals change their structure after a while. The longer the snow lies on the ground, the more the snowflakes join together to form a solid network, ”says Habel. “If you step on the snow, the crystal connections break. A single break would be too quiet for our ears. But since millions of these connections break at the same time with every step, the crunch that is so typical for walks in the snow occurs. "
  • Why women are freezing more: Body composition is to blame. The average woman has fewer muscles (15-25 percent) than the average man (40 percent). Only muscles can generate heat themselves, fat tissue cannot. Conclusion: Go to the gym, do sports and build muscles! In addition: women have thinner skin, men the proverbial “thicker fur”. Injustice, something!
  • It gets better during menopause: When women go through menopause, the body stores more fat due to the lack of hormones. The annoying shivering stops, but women sweat more or less regularly. Nice too.
  • What helps against cold feet: You can hardly fall asleep with cold feet. Because freezing stresses the body, it cannot relax. The simplest solution is bed socks. They are available in such funny shapes and colors that nobody has to be embarrassed about them. It's nicer than frightening your partner with cold feet. And whoosh is woman in the realm of dreams.
  • Why we chatter our teeth: When we are cold, our muscles often contract and start shaking. Therefore, when this happens to the jaw muscles, the teeth rattle.
  • Freezing is individual: Exceptions prove the rule. Small, skinny men can be more cold than tall, athletic women.
  • Why is it often so cold, of all places, in late winter? Spring is just around the corner, the days are getting longer and yet in January and February it is often really icy again. Statistically, as the experts from Wetter.com explain, January is the coldest month in Germany. On the coasts it is February because only then does the North Sea reach its lowest temperature. On clear February nights, however, it often gets very cold again in the south, especially over snow. In a so-called "Arctic Outbreak", arctic ice air flows far south and floods Germany. Or the Russians send ice-cold air over to us.
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