How to Study Medicine in Pakistan

What do you study in health?

The subject of health is huge and diverse. What exactly should and can you study there and why at all? We have the answer.

"Health" alone is not a degree. But the topic of health is absolutely trendy and there is a very specific reason for this: people are getting older and older. Life expectancy is rising steadily due to increased health awareness as well as new healing methods and forms of therapy. At the same time, the aging of society results in an increased need for qualified health care professionals.

Studying or continuing education in this area is therefore extremely useful, and there is a wide range of courses and advanced training courses in the healthcare sector.

Overview of courses

Academization in health care

In order to meet the new challenges, a lot has happened in the health industry in recent years. Many professions that were previously considered to be traditional apprenticeships are now being academicized and thus professionalized. It is not uncommon for physiotherapists, occupational therapists or speech therapists today to have a bachelor's degree and thus not only qualify as therapists in their field, but also bring management skills with them to run their own practice or take on responsible functions. [→ Find out more about professions in the healthcare sector here]

Lots of career options

Due to the academization, but even more so due to the increased need for experts, career options are available in many branches of the healthcare industry. Health sciences, health economics, public health, nursing, therapeutic sciences or medical management are the names of courses that pave the way for management positions in the health sector. Graduates from health and nursing courses qualify for managerial functions, for example for hospital or nursing home management. The interface between health, medicine and business administration provides knowledge for precisely such positions. You can see exactly how the individual courses differ in our course descriptions:

→ An overview of all courses

If you are not yet sure which subject is the right one for you, then why not take a look at ours University database - maybe there is the right one for you? Or do you already know exactly what you want to study, but you don't yet know where? Our database will also help you there.

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