Bats fly during the day

Sighted - Hungry bats also fly during the day

He has already photographed all kinds of subjects in the fields, woods and meadows. But the Sehnder nature photographer Hans Gandke doesn't get such a spectacle in front of his lens every day: While he is out and about at one of the Gretenberger Tonkuhlen, he discovers bats - and that in broad daylight. “There were several who hissed across the water,” says Gandke. The photographer estimates that there is a bat bunker owned by the Nature Conservation Union nearby, around 20 to 50 meters from the pond.

Gandke is actually out and about that day to photograph water birds. Then he spots the bats. “It wasn't that easy to take pictures of them,” he says. "As fast as they whizzed along there." He took around 1000 photos: "Fortunately, there were a few usable ones with us."

Gandke wants to know exactly after the extraordinary photo safari on the Tonkuhlen and asks Bernd Rose from Burgdorf, the bat keeper in the region. He confirms that the animals must be water bats. "They are now starved after the long hibernation," says Gandke. In search of food, the animals are sometimes out and about during the day

Photo gallery Sehnde: Hungry bats also fly during the day

From Johanna Stein