What is dynamic keto

Dynamic with MC - Low Carb

As the name suggests, this diet is all about reducing carbohydrates. As a result, there are more protein-rich foods, such as fish, eggs and meat, of course dairy products and, above all, lots of vegetables and healthy fats on the menu. So sugary and starchy foods are saved. In the foreground of this diet is the change in metabolism. The fact that you also lose weight in the process is a bonus.

How are you?

1.    Avoid carbohydrates where you can!

Little exercise and too many carbohydrates can lead to belly fat and obesity.

In addition, sugar is addicting! Eating starchy and high-sugar foods makes you feel hungry and thus increases your appetite. Limit your carbohydrate intake to 70-100 g per day.

2.    Increase your fat consumption!

Your body now needs another source of energy. The body needs more time to generate energy from fats and even burns more calories than when generating energy from carbohydrates.

3.    Move!

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Go to the sport or do your extra lap walk around the lake on Sunday.

Carbohydrates are not just carbohydrates!

Carbohydrates are divided into single and double sugars, as well as multiple sugars. Single and double sugar are mainly found in sweets, ready meals and white bread. If you eat these foods, your body produces a lot of insulin. Insulin in turn ensures that more fat is stored on the stomach. Polysaccharides You can find it especially in whole grain foods and legumes. If your body processes multiple sugars, your blood sugar level rises much more slowly and thus your body also produces less insulin. So make sure you eat foods that do not contain single or double sugars.

So is a low carb diet right for you?

Every body is different and everyone has to find out for themselves what is good for them. But of course there are points which speak for and which against a low carb diet. We have put together the most important pros and cons for you.


Pro low carb:
Against low carb:
  • It is very easy to implement compared to other forms of nutrition.
  • Everyone can try it out.
  • Carbohydrates from single and double sugar, e.g. B. Ready meals or noodles cause a heavy gut feeling and make you tired. So you feel more awake without these carbohydrates. Your complexion can improve.
  • The longer you go without something, the more your body notices whether it really needs something. This is the best way to get rid of sugar.
  • Compared to other forms of nutrition, you can see results here relatively quickly.
  • "Low carb" does not mean "no carbs".
  • Calories are increasingly obtained from fats and proteins, if you reach for the bad fats here, you increase your cholesterol level.
  • Your body only produces the happiness hormone "serotonin" with the help of carbohydrates. So no happiness without carbohydrates? At least you are in a bad mood more often.
  • Without fruit, your body cannot get enough vitamins and minerals.
  • Your brain needs around 120 g of glucose every day, so fewer carbs also means less performance.
  • You put your body in a situation of deficiency. So if you change your diet again, the yo-yo effect can occur.


Here are a few popular low carb dishes from the community:

Zucchini Porridge: https://www.monsieur-cuisine.com/de/rezepte/detail/zoats-zucchini-porridge-protein-fruehstueck/

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