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Kleiderkreisel alternative: 9 second-hand suppliers for clothing in comparison

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We love to always buy new clothes. So why not look for second hand? The best known community on the second hand market is Kleiderkreisel. Here you will find great items of clothing, in good condition, that are unique and cannot be found in every store.

But the clothing spinning top is no longer the only way to buy second hand. Here we show you the alternatives.

Clothing tops alternative: You should know these 9 alternatives to clothing tops

If you've just messed up your wardrobe and some items of clothing are still in good condition, then you can sell them as second-hand clothing and maybe you'll find a new piece of jewelry for yourself. If you're wondering how this works, check out the clothing top alternatives below.

Overview of clothing spinning top alternatives


Ubup is Germany's largest second hand online shop that only sells clothes in good, excellent or new condition.

Above all, branded clothing can be auctioned here. The shop only offers sales, the second-hand shop buys the clothes from momox, the buying platform (which belongs to the same company).

Before the purchased items of clothing are advertised for sale, they are subjected to an inspection so that only the best quality is sold.

Second hand is not only to be seen as a new market, but also for sustainability in view of our environment. After purchase and payment, the products will be delivered to your home free of charge.

Popular categories:
Women, men, girls, boys / clothing, shoes, accessories


Ubup payment methods:
PayPal, payment in advance

Ubup shipping:
Free shipping with DHL

Ubup Apps:
No app available

Just visit the Ubup website to find out if it works as a clothing top alternative for you.

Girls flea market

The girls' flea market is the perfect place for all women who would like to create space in their closets and buy new pieces of jewelry.

The marketplace stands for high-quality second-hand items and well-known brands. Millions of women earn money every day with their clothes and make others happy. At the girls' flea market value is placed on customer satisfaction and service.

The second-hand shop also guarantees security when it comes to shipping and payment. Every girl who loves fashion is welcome to the girls' flea market!

Popular categories:
Fashion, shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry, brands

Girls' flea market commission:
10% of the sales price of each marketplace item sold
40% for concierge articles

Girls' flea market Payment methods:
PayPal, credit card, instant transfer

Girls' Flea Market Shipping:
Is determined by the seller

Girls' flea market apps:
Android and iOS app available

Clothes basket

Clothes basket is a second hand community that lives from its members. After you have registered, you can upload your items and offer them for sale.

If someone is interested in your product, they can write to you and you will clarify the conditions. Only when both have accepted the purchase will payment be made or the product shipped.

Clothes basket is not only intended for clothing, but can also be understood as a flea market. In the forum you can exchange ideas with other second-hand lovers. If you don't want to sell anything, you can give away or swap products here.

Popular categories:
Flea market, women's fashion, men's fashion, children's fashion

Clothes basket commission:

Clothes basket payment methods:
Payment by cash on delivery, PayPal

Clothes basket shipping:
Will be agreed with the seller

Clothes basket apps:
Android and iOS app available


Feremo, based in Cologne and Iserloh, is the somewhat different second hand shop that was developed with a lot of history and attention to detail.

At the blogger market you cannot buy any second-hand items, from fashion to accessories to beauty, all products come from well-known YouTubers and bloggers who inspire you day in and day out.

And the products that are bought every day come from their wardrobes. Feremo celebrates second hand goods once again and appreciates each product for its quality.

Popular categories:
Clothes, shoes, accessories

Feremo commission:
None, just sales

Feremo payment methods:
PayPal, credit card, instant transfer with Klarna

Feremo shipping:
Standard shipping with DHL

Feremo Apps:
Android and iOS app available


Videdressing is more than just an online shop, it is the community of all fashion lovers. Here you can not only sell and bid for second-hand clothing and accessories, but also get in touch with like-minded people.

Videdressing is not limited to Germany alone, but to many countries, which brings together a large variety of articles. Here you can find real jewelry at an affordable price.

If you are looking for particularly high-quality products, you have come to the right place at Videdressing, especially if you only wear your clothes for one season.

Popular categories:
Women, men, children, innovations, best deals

Videdressing commission:
15% of the sales price

Videdressing payment methods:
Credit card, PayPal, Videdressing wallet

Videdressing shipping:
DHL or personal delivery

Videdressing Apps:
Android and iOS app available


Remix is ​​the leading shop in the field of second hand and outlet fashion. Here you will find over 5000 well-known brands at an unbeatable price, which are classified into 3 price categories.

Remix is ​​represented in a total of 9 countries. Unlike other second-hand shops, you cannot sell your products yourself and pay a commission, but instead sell to Remix and receive a share of the sales price.

You can assume that your beloved clothes will find a new owner at a fair price. In addition, with Remix you have a right of return and a money-back guarantee.

Popular categories:
Women, men, bags, accessories, children, household

Remix commission:
Selling to Remix, i.e. you receive commission, percentage depending on the sales price

Remix payment methods:
Remix credit, PayPal, credit card, instant transfer

Remix shipping:
DHL parcel shipping, € 5.99

Remix Apps:
Android and iOS app available

Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective is a high quality platform founded by six fashion and internet experts. It enables used vintage fashion as well as new items to be bought and sold.

This is exclusive luxury fashion. If you want to renew your wardrobe with something special, Vestiaire Collective is the right place for you.

Security and a lot of service are given via the platform, so that you can browse and sell without worry.

Popular categories:
New products, designers, women, men, bags, We Love, Vintage, watches and jewelry, lifestyle

Vestiaire Collective Commission:
You get 80% of the sales price

Vestiaire Collective payment methods:
Credit card, PayPal, instant transfer with Klarna

Vestiaire Collective Shipping:
Shipping with DHL, shipping costs depending on the item

Vestiaire Collective Apps:
Android and iOS app available


Rebelle has packed designer fashion, second hand and vintage into one platform. With great attention to detail, every piece of clothing and every accessory is allowed to tell its personal story and find a new owner.

The dedication of the founders can be felt on every single page. You have the choice whether you want to sell your products yourself or let Rebelle sell them. Check out Rebelle and go on a treasure hunt yourself.

Popular categories:
Bags, clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories

Rebel Commission:
Sell ​​yourself: 17-20% of the selling price
Rebelle sold: 80% proceeds

Rebel payment methods:
Credit card, PayPal

Rebelle Shipping:

Rebel Apps:
Android and iOS app available


Zadaa makes it so easy for both the seller and the buyer that this second hand marketplace gives you the feeling of buying from a conventional online shop.

With just a few clicks you can upload an item and in no time the sale is complete. According to the motto “second hand, made easy” you can not only find great clothes and accessories, but also pass on your favorite items.

With the associated apps, you can now go shopping on the go and are always up to date. If you want it quick and easy and are still looking for good second-hand quality, Zadaa is the place for you.

Popular categories:
Dresses, accessories, shoes

Zadaa commission:
0-12%, plus one euro

Zadaa payment methods:
Credit card, instant transfer, PayPal, Giropay

Zadaa shipping:
DHL, Deutsche Post

Zadaa Apps:
Android and iOS app available

Was the right clothing top alternative for you there?

We should not only use second hand shops for the sake of our environment, but also to whip up our wardrobe. Second hand items are often unique items that not everyone has.

If you too want to browse the second hand market, you will definitely find your favorites among the clothing circles alternatives described above.

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