Where can I get stones for free

Postby steffen ┬╗Wed Jan 29, 2003 1:05 pm

Well, with us in Ffm I would have to look for such a stonemason .... We tend to use marble, at least the two companies that I know almost exclusively produce gravestones and manufacture, for example, ornaments for slabs, tiles and tiles made of marble or Colorful quartz. Whether or not I have the% 27 leftover crate% 27 like in the hardware store, that one has to try, but personally I don't necessarily expect a lot from it. But it's definitely worth a try. I would have found a great place where, for example, river straightening is canceled, so for example granite is also produced. - I almost thought about making stones myself out of seramis, coconut and cement, so to speak, mixing a% 27 dough% 27 out of it Forming chunks with rubber gloves and allowing them to harden, but seeing real stones looks more natural and better .... For me it is partly a question of cost, so that I am not necessarily picky about the material, because there are natural stone deposits there I don't actually live anymore, it's concrete and red bricks, and then a lot of clay soil ... So I want to create the rock garden in front of the house as an eye-catcher, combine it with a bit of bog and puddle, because it won't get big, it shouldn't be, it shouldn't be ;-) But just beautiful and suitable. Something like saxifrage, gentian and edelweis in the rock garden, plus fat-leaf plants and a small tuft of bear grass, then a lily next to the bog with a little orchid, maybe another outdoor orchid, and then a small basin the size of a bird bath with water, maybe a water salad on top , or some Cyprus grass in the pot .... Simply an eye-catcher, a little in miniature, because it is not big, so a subtle but suitable selection and arrangement, and as cheap as possible, preferably free of charge.