You will need pain medication after liposuction

How painful is liposuction?

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every patient reacts differently to operations and pain, which is why i cannot support a general answer to this question. it is also not the case that every patient puts away this op as easily as it is sometimes wholeheartedly touted. after all, we are dealing with a surgical procedure and not a visit to the beauty salon. It is generally the case that such an operation is performed nowadays with a tumescent solution containing local anesthetics. There are very different formulations for these solutions and, depending on the liposuction technique, a different volume is introduced. If you can operate on a small area relatively easily in tumescence, it is advisable to use additional anesthesiological measures for larger areas and more fat volume. these range from individual pain and sedative administration to intravenous administration of anesthetics. As soon as anesthetics are given, I recommend the presence of a specialist in anesthesiology - for safety reasons. If you are planning an operation under local anesthesia, you could also make a kind of stand-by anesthesia agreement, if it doesn't work out as you intended. With three to four liters of liposuction, the patient should aim to spend the night in the clinic for surveillance. after the operation, a basic medication with voltaren