Which Christmas reindeer are you

Little Christmas stories for kids

In a row they followed their mother through the Christmas winter forest in search of something to eat.
"Stay together and behind me!" called the mother. "Come on now, Casimir!"
The smallest kept turning and shaking itself instead of following the others properly.
"The snow always falls on my back and the cold doesn't let my legs run," said Kasimir. As always, it was difficult for him to follow the others.

One day, he dreamed, I will be the greatest, even if I have to pollinate myself with angelic happiness more often. Then I am the king of the Christmas winter forest. He always looked after the other big reindeer and ran at the feet of all the other animals in the forest, so that they stumbled.
"Don't be so wild, Kasimir!" then the mother groaned. "Oh, if only the boy would listen to me." Out of desperation, the reindeer mother wanted to get advice from the forest spirit.

So the whole reindeer family ran to the winter spirit, which had been lying there for many years, deep in sleep, in an old beech tree. When he woke up and tried to get up, he noticed that his beard had grown into the ground. The slightest movement hurt him, so he screamed out loud. The animals were frightened and hid in the thicket.
"Whoever frees me has three wishes free!" But the animals did not dare to get any closer to the winter spirit. Only Casimir had slept through everything again and when a load of snow fell from the tree onto his back, he turned and shook himself so hard that he freed the beard of the winter spirit.

"Such a great fellow!" Shouted the old man. "You are a very nimble and helpful reindeer, you now have three wishes, so choose."
Thoughtfully, Kasimir hit his hoof and said: "Good, then I wish the snow was gone!" Whoa, then the snow disappeared.
"Kasimir, what nonsense you have done there," called out the mother. "How is Santa Claus supposed to drive his sleigh through the forest?"
Meanwhile, the winter spirit wanted to go back to sleep and warned Casimir to express his second wish. "Santa Claus shouldn't have a sleigh any more," cried Kasimir.

Then suddenly Santa Claus came up with his big, powerful reindeer and
cried desperately: "Oh dear, great need, what am I supposed to do, as it is out of the blue
my sleigh disappeared with all the gifts for the children of the world. "
The largest reindeer Rudolf stepped out, saw the forest spirit and Casimir and now knew what had happened.
"If you are completely confused, what should we do if we can no longer pull Santa's sleigh."
"My third wish," began Casimir, is that all reindeer ... "
"Now stop!" interrupted the forest spirit, "not that you wish all the reindeer away from me, you are one yourself" "Think of us, Casimir, and of the children, how are they ever supposed to get their Christmas presents?"

Then the largest and strongest reindeer of the group Casimir walked towards:
"Almighty Casimir," said he, "our fate lies in your decision, remember, you, me, we and all beings must stick together. Please take back your wishes!" Little Casimir was flattered when the magnificent reindeer spoke to him so humbly.
"All right," he said. "" The third thing I want is that everything turns out to be the way it always was. "
Suddenly the sledge was there again, the snow and the winter spirit sank in a deep sleep. As a reward for the good decision, Casimir was promised by Santa Claus that when he grew up and could run fast, Casimir would become the lead reindeer. This is how it happened, Kasimir still runs the reindeer sleigh alongside Rudolf and brings the many presents to the children all over the world.

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