Who was Zezima on Runescape


Killuah942 said on January 7th, 2009, 9:21 pm:

@Luman: It's because he was probably No. 1 for the longest time and also at the time when most of the players were playing (guess it has decreased).

No, as far as I know, according to Jagex, the number of players is still increasing, possibly with a damper last year due to the Wildy update, but the upward trend remains. By the way, the number of players has increased almost constantly by 35% per year over the past 7 years.

By the way, one of Zezima's quotes goes like this:
"You should always do what you enjoy and try to do it as well as possible."

In my opinion, it's a pretty nice quote, even if he probably exaggerated it with the "do as well as possible" ...

According to RSC-Tool he came at the time when he pulled Cooking and Thieving to 200m XP ON AVERAGE to 2m Xp / day, which means more than 8 hours of play time per day for Cooking and Thieving as well. Keeping this cut for several months is definitely not the healthiest, both for physical and social real-life ...

Nevertheless, Novalyphe (I don't remember the spelling exactly) caught up with him in less than 2 years, from this it can actually be concluded that there isn't a single player in Runescape who has been "N0lifed" for more than ~ 3 years, this time in the sense of "no work, no school, no social contacts, just playing RS".

Personally, I find it almost astonishing that there isn't a single sick personality out there who pulls through this kind of game long enough. Unfortunately, I cannot judge to what extent this is exaggerated or corresponds to reality, but supposedly only people play in the WoW top clans who play constantly for over 6 hours a day?

Somehow relieving that you can belong to the really good ones in Runescape without having that kind of game time, don't you think?

But I'm digressing, so I'm ending this now ...

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