Robert Baratheon was an only child

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Or if I had thought to warn Brandon Stark about his carelessness. He came to King's Landing himself and demanded that Rhaegar give his sister back. Poor fool. Aerys ordered Brandon's arrest and I had no choice but to obey. When Brandon's father, Lord Rickard Stark, came to King's Mouth to ask forgiveness for his son, Aerys burned him alive while I could do nothing but watch. I had made an oath to a Mad King and was bound by honor to obey him, even at the expense of my soul.

On the way to face Robert’s army, we were sure we would win. We were in the majority and we had Prince Rhaegar. His presence lifted the spirits of our men, and he looked every bit like the king he was destined to be. But on the Trident the gods played a cruel trick on us. Robert proved the words of the Baratheon as his army broke through our ranks. Yet Robert spared me, even insisting that his personal maester take care of my wounds out of respect for me.

Varys: The Targaryen dynasty ruled Westeros for three hundred years. Wars were still fought, houses still exiled, and men still dying, but compared to the chaos before that, the empire was stable

This was only the second political meeting I had ever attended. When I listened to Robert F. Kennedy's speech the year before, I had only gone because I found Bobby's. This time I was interested in the embassy. I wanted to know how the United States felt on the Berlin question. JFK was the first American President to visit Berlin since Harry S. Truman, Soviet Prime Minister Josef Stalin and British Prime Minister Clement Attlee attended the Three-Right Conference in Potsdam on the outskirts of Berlin in July 1945. He motivated and inspired. Compared to him, our German statesmen looked boring and not particularly eloquent.

Slowly I became aware of what the bad feeling was due to. It became increasingly clear to me that my parents hadn't changed noticeably in my absence, even though I'd been optimistic on that point. In all likelihood, after my return to Berlin, I would be exposed to a permanent power struggle. So far I had swept under the rug, suppressed or skilfully avoided my mother's attempts to set the tone in my life

Baelish :: Nobody knew Robert Baratheon and yet he claimed he had a right to sit on the Iron Throne.

In the summer, when half of my time abroad was over, Gnter came to visit me for a month. Before his visit, I bought a 15 year old, light blue, typically American car that today would definitely pass as a classic car so that we could see the many attractions in and around San Diego and Tijuana such as Sequoia National Park and San Francisco. Life seemed to deliver what it promised.

The tension rose. When Kennedy finally took to the stage shortly after 1 p.m., the applause surged like a storm. The President of the Berlin House of Representatives, Otto Bach, spoke the introductory words. Then Chancellor Konrad Adenauer appealed to our feelings by reminding us:

Baelish: Brandon was as arrogant as he was stupid; just like his father, Lord Stark, who answered Aerys's call to the capital. You deserve your fate. But the younger son, Ned. What was his crime that Aerys had ordered his death as well?

A year later, Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid. With a visit to Sporting he took his time until November 2016. In September there was an overtre based on the familiar pattern at Madrid's Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. Sporting played well and was 1-0 up. This lead lasted until the penultimate minute, right up to Ronaldo's artfully circled free kick. Rui Patricio, the goalkeeper of the Portuguese European championship team, flew spectacularly, but in vain. A minute later, Alvaro Morata scored the 2-1 winning goal for Real. Probably already on Tuesday evening at the Alvalade.

An hour before the President's arrival, the Rudolph-Wilde-Platz in front of the town hall, where we were standing, was already filled to the last seat. But more and more people poured in. Around 450,000 people now crowded this small area and the narrow streets that led there. Balconies, trees, roofs, statues, street lamps and traffic signs had become viewing platforms.

So I kept my oath, locked away in the Red Keep where Varys could watch me and the hangman would find me in case my father would upset the king. I defended the king's honor against prisoners after his generals lost battle for battle against Robert. I kept the king's secrets to myself when his pyromancers hid secret camps of sea fires under the king's mouth. I gave advice to the king when my father's army appeared at the city gates and Gromaester Pycelle lied that my father had come to save him. Many forget that I was trying to protect the king from harm. When the Lannister soldiers poured through the gates, it was my job to hold onto the Red Keep as the last remaining king's guard in the city. I knew we had lost and sent to Aerys if I could go and ask about conditions. My husband came back with the royal order: bring me your father's head if you are not a traitor. Aerys wasn't going to give up. His pyromancer was with him, said my ambassador.

At that moment I was very proud to be a Berliner. I was so proud I waved the American flag. My arms were already going numb. I had held it up over my head throughout the speech. I couldn't take it down now. We stood shoulder to shoulder. The crowd held me up and prevented me from lowering my arms. My feet barely touched the ground. Kennedy continued:

The news was getting more ominous by the minute. Work parties reportedly blocked the border between East and West Berlin with concrete bollards anchored in the ground and barbed wire stretched from one post to the next. The goal of this barbed wire wall slowly became clear: East German citizens should stay in East Berlin.

After Gnter left, my friend Sonja moved in with me. We not only shared the tiresome housework, we also had the same dress size and were able to double our wardrobe in one fell swoop. In autumn, I invited everyone I had met during my stay to celebrate my 22nd birthday with me. I was pleased that my mother could not determine who was invited and when the party was to end. I didn't think it was too bad not being able to spend Christmas at home.